Quick recap of a great morning with 20 PAX (!!) at Firestarter + a couple of runners for COT.

The Thang:

Short mosey to let the late arrivals catch up and warm up: 20 SSH, 20 IW, 10 merkins, 10 mountain climbers all IC.

Mosey to Old Navy for storefront pain stations.  Run from Old Navy to Target stopping at every store for 10 merkins and 10 squats.  Seven stops total I think.  Mary to wait for the Six then 10 eight count burpees IC.  Coming back, same format and switch to CDDs and backward lunges.  Finish again with Mary and 10 ECBs.

Partner up and go to the small wall behind Old Navy.  P1 runs to the stop sign and back (~100 yards total) while P2 does as many wall climbs as possible.  Repeato so each guy goes twice.

Mosey to the AT&T store.  Bear crawl across the parking lot, 20 squats, bear crawl back, 20 squats.

Mosey back to the fountains to close out.  P1 runs the lap while P2 does a called exercise.  No prescribed number of reps, just each PAX focusing on form as many as possible.  Diamond merkins, wide arm merkins, dips, and merkins.

Mary and… time.

Announcements: Spots still open for F3 Dads Camp at Camp Thunderbird.  Last Call and Body Shop looking for Qs.

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