2021 2nd Half Kettlebell Program

2021 2nd Half Kettlebell Program

After a long run, we’re retiring the Geoff Neupert doubles program we’ve been using since January. Based on pax feedback, we’re going to stick with the same workout structure with a more defined portion and some suggestions for the remainder, but the actual exercises open to the Q’s discretion.

The defined portion will be taken from last year’s SFG Level I training program. This consists of alternating days of (i) cleans/squats/deadlifts and (ii) presses/swings/snatches followed by some sort of carry (farmer, waiter, suitcase, etc.). While the spreadsheet (you knew there’d be a spreadsheet) might call for double front squats, the Q has discretion to do other types of the same exercise (i.e., goblet squats, single racked squats, etc.). The goal is to work the same muscle groups, not to do the exact same exercises. The same goes for rep count. If you’re not creative (like me), you might stick more to the written exercises/reps, but if you want to mix it up, go for it. Instead of deadlifts, which are hard to do with enough weight with kettlebells, you might mix in some sort of lunge (walking, weighted, reverse, etc.).

The more flexible portion will be similar to what we’ve been doing since January, with complexes and/or easy strength. The spreadsheet is editable, so please add complexes or exercises that you find that would be challenging for the pax. Feel free to come up with your own stuff, as long as it’s not something as ugly as Mighty Mite’s snatch 11s.

Feel free to mix up the order of the sections – you don’t have to start with the SFG portion before doing the flexible portion. You don’t have to do the carries at the end. The order can be another source of variety to keep things interesting for the pax (and the Q). Another source of variety can be load. There’s nothing wrong with following a heavy week with a light week or mixing in the occasional medium week.

Here’s a link to the Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e6d2kFOHbqlBHyFsd2P7DpAQviAYErDgrmnseN4S3wI/edit?usp=sharing

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