Hill Grinders

Hill Grinders

Eight guys for a simple, but not easy, work out.  Quick lap around fields.  SSH, I-Walkers and then on to the base of the hill and split into two groups.


  • Group 1: Run to the top of the hill and back x 3
  • Group 2: Perform called exercise x 3
  • Repeato x 55 minutes

Called exercises:

  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Plank, then 5 merkins when last runner is back.
  • Hold 6″, then 5 heels to heaven when last runner is back
  • Reverse lunges (combined with backpedaling the hill)
  • Side lunges combined with karaoke, then audibled to backwards run after widespread groinal discomfort.
  • Warrior 3.  Yes, yoga.  Not only did it hurt but it proved to be a strange sight for passing motorists.  We owned it like bosses, though.
  • Seem like we did more but I can’t remember.



This was your basic meat and potatoes workout:  run the hill at a sporty clip, then get after it while the other group runs. High heart rate and lots of motion.  My favorite kind of workout.  All told we racked up nearly 4 miles

Lots of superlatives out there this morning.  Spackler was flying, consistently leading his group on the runs, with Haze not far behind.  In the second group Haze’s 9 year old 2.0 was putting in the work.  Tough little hombre, even with the questionable hat choice.

Good work men.  Good choice, Bug.


We are 5 guys short of filling up the 4th Area 51 BRR squad.  See Splinter to join his 12 man team.  It’s the most fun you’ll have with F3 this year.  It’s not about the running, it’s about the 2nd F (for 30+ in the same van).


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10 years ago

Thankful we didn’t have to run hairburners up that slope or carry around any of Radar’s filthy stinkin bags.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

I was good with Spack, Area51’s newest official runner, on the uphills. But the long strides he was able to take on the downhill was more than this vertically challenged Pax could handle.

Best audible of 2014 so far to move away from the side lunges, karoke combination.

Thanks to TR, Harley and Splinter for looking out for little Unitas on his treks up the hill and his exercises at the bottom. All the tweets about his effort made his day. Made a dad pretty proud too.

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