Oh, The Wheel(barrow) In The Lot Keeps On Turning

Oh, The Wheel(barrow) In The Lot Keeps On Turning

18 Pax (including one FNG) made the tee time at Union County’s finest golf destination this morning. After YHC’s Q at Dromedary last week that involved a bit more running than anticipated, the greenskeeper set today’s course up for upper body punishment today.

DiCCS reviewed.


MASHers head to their chosen spot of pre-dawn fun, the rest of the gang moseys for a short loop in front of the school to circle up in the big parking lot. Warmup consisted of SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, & Calf Stretches, Childs Pose Yoga Stretech (to loosen the shoulders for what ensues), and some Merkins. We take a short mosey back to the small parking lot to behind the school for a lap around the track then directly back to where we started the mosey at the Warmup circle. Unfortunately the Warmup is over though and we dive directly into the upper-body shredding.


Everyone grabs a partner. Time for some human wheelbarrows over a ~20 meter stretch with exercises for each partner at the end of each wheelbarrow stretch. We do four down and backs (aka laps) with the person on the team acting as the “wheel” switching each segment. The exercises for each lap were:

  • Lap 1: Wheel for the segment performs 18 Merkins / Carrier LBCs until partner completed Merkins. Carrier becomes the wheel and return to starting point. Same exercises performed. Lap complete.
  • Lap 2: Wheel for the segment performs 18 Mike Tysons /Carrier LBCs.
  • Lap 3: Wheel for the segment performs 18 Carolina Dry Docks / Carrier LBCs.
  • Lap 4: Wheel for the segment performs 18 Merkins / Carrier LBCs.

Mary at the end until the six finishes. Standing ten count. We’ve made the turn and we’re off to the back nine.

Thang 2

Same partners as Thang 1 are kept and each team grabs a lifting rock. While one partner is performing as many reps of the set exercise with the rock for that round, the other partner runs a lap around the big parking lot, completing three burpees at the half way point, then then returns to their partner to relieve them of the rock. Six rounds in total with each partner performing the run + burpees and the exercise with rock in each round. Exercises for the laps follow:

  • Curls
  • Tri Extensions
  • Overhead Presses
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Squats
  • American Hammers

Rocks returned and mosey back to CoT. Four minutes are left on the clock for some Mary (Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercuries, Shoulder Taps, & Fiji Fast feet w/Merkins). 6:15 couldn’t arrive soon enough. Workout complete – everyone crushed this one!


Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama completed – time for our FNG to take center stage. He’s so excited, he runs to the middle of CoT. Our FNG was Matt Rose, a work colleague of YHC. Matt tells us a bit about himself – originally from the Charlotte area, college baseball player (catcher), regular at Cross Fit, in the insurance business, etc. The initial name thrown out by the group was Jamie – the super friendly guy that accompanies Flo from the Progressive commercials. This name was an immediate hit but was troublesome to adopt as it is an F3 hospital name. The group stays on the same general path though and decides to name him The Catcher since he was the Bullpen catcher for the Charlotte Knights at one point. Welcome to F3, The Catcher!


  • Blood Drive on June 19th 9:00-1:00 at Five Stones Church.
  • Last Call is at 6:02AM Fridays at Marvin High School.

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