Broken Chainsaw

Broken Chainsaw

The warm up:

Mosey to front of church entrance. Return to parking lot.

  • SSH 15x
  • Imperial Walkers 15x
  • Moroccan night club  15x
  • Calf stretch

The Thang:

From COT with coupon move across parking lot.  At each island, lunges, shoulder press or squats.  At end of parking lot another round of shoulder presses.

Next- move to Mt. Chiseled

Shoulder press, weighted squats, chest press.  Run around Mt. Chiseled at each excercise.

Return to COT

Chainsaw took us out

Chainsaw was 6th man and told important story about spending time with family because time doesn’t slow down.


  • Blood drive- need more people to sign up

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