Jack Webb and his cousin too

  • When:01/09/2015
  • QIC: The Late Show
  • The PAX: Glass Joe, Spielberg, The Late Show (QIC)

Jack Webb and his cousin too

*Posted by Glass Joe on behalf of The Late Show

What you are about to read is true…

My name’s The Late Show, my partners Spielberg, Glass Joe, and I were working the early morning shift.

Here are the facts.


A Hairband Mile to warmup a little.
Circle up for (15) each: SSH, Low Slow Squats, Imperial Walkers.
Then (6) t-pushups on your own
Let’s mosey.

Cruise past the fleet of cheese and the fumes of hot diesel hit our cold noses. Breathe deep boys!

Stop for a quick railslide then off to the elementary school.
Plank in the rear parking lot for some partner work.
P1 merkins, while P2 runs about 40 yards and back.
Repeat with walking lunges.
Mosey to the playground. (More cheesy fumes!)

P1 hangs from the monkey bars while P2 runs a lap.
(50) step ups to allow the hands to thaw.
Mosey back to the rear parking lot. (stop along the way for some plank-ups – start in plank, down on your elbows, back up = 1 rep)

Circle up in the grass.
We were working the early morning shift…
Jack Webb up to 5 merkins.
Mosey back to the Middle School. (stop for some more railslide)

Head to the front of the school and looky there! No beard, but we meet Jack Webb’s partner.
Think plank-ups meet Jack Webb meet people’s chair on the coast of Carolina.
(1) Carolina Dry Dock
(4) Surrender Squats (start with hands behind head, knees on ground. bring right knee up, then left knee, ending up in a people’s chair position, then right knee down, left knee down = 1 repetition)
We did 3 rounds, then time for some Mary.

Under the covered area in front of the school, grab some rail.
(5) supine rows in between each Mary exercise.
The Mary: Protractor (hands up above your face for a little more burn!), Dolly’s, Back Scratchers, Rosalita, Flutters.


Thanks Glass Joe for taking us out!

The Moleskin from The Late Show
With my chin feeling the breeze for the first time in about 10 years off we went in search of my whiskers. The focus was on staying moving this morning to beat the cold. Kudos to UCPS staff and the Bus Maintenance teams who had every piece of cheese at the Elementary and Middle School cranked up and warming up. Jack Webb’s partner was quickly welcomed by the PAX and looks to become a regular visitor. YHC completely spaced on the name-o-rama and didn’t realize it until Spielberg turned to me and said “I’m Spielberg, what’s your name?” The no-beard-face had him fooled!

Solid work in the chilly morning air this morning gents. As always, a pleasure to sweat it out at Overdrive!

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