It is getting bright in the mornings!

It is getting bright in the mornings!

This morning, I really did not want to get up. But I had no choice, since I was Q’ing. My preparation was nothing fancy, only “quick and dirty”… but maybe this also comes with some experience of Q’ing! Well, it just takes time to re-adjust after a nice, long weekend! DiCSS were given and off we went!


All the classics, with a bit of a twist:  warm-up mosey on the parking lot, then: 15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, here come s the twist: Potato Pickers, Mountain Climbers – then calf and runners stretch, 6 in plank, upward dog and downward dog.

The Thang

We moseyed a few yards to the corner of the street on the main entrance: First block was: run to the second lamp posts ahead, do 5 merkins, run back one lamp post and do 5 big boys. All the way around the world (the globe) to the back entrance. And to make it more interesting / confusing: every second time you run back one lamp post, run backwards! During the warmup mosey, there was all kind of chatting and mumbling – all of a sudden, this stopped here! Hahaha… mission accomplished!

After marrying until the 6 comes in, mosey to the Middle School entrance. There we did  a time-consuming 7’s. run down to the bend of the parking lot, do Mike Tysons, rung up on the parking lot, cut through the walkway to the entrance and do Booby Bobby Hurley’s. We started with running down there and 1 Mike Tyson… The first moaning came already “all this running” – unfortunately, I forgot who the Pax were…

After we all picked up the six, an Indian Run to the rock pile at that small loop was a good thing to do. Most everybody at front kept the pace slow to make it not too hard on everybody else. That’s team work! 😉 Arrived at the rock pile – partner up and find a lifting rock. One partner is running (functioning as the timer), doing two burpees at the opposite site of the loop while the other partner is doing exercises. Curls, Triceps, chest presses (?). The crowd turned more silent with every rep and yard… And I learnt my hard lesson that it is never good, if your partner chooses the rock for you! Thanks Shop Dawg! 😉

Return the rocks and mosey back in direction of COT. On the Hill on the parking lot, we circled up to do some last minute exercises – a variation of planks, 6in planks and half planks… Then jailbreak to COT! Done!


As always, it was great to actually get out of bed and work out with some great Pax! It is motivating to see how we all get exhausted together to start our day – and feel better afterwards, every single time!


  • Last Call needs more Q’s for June! Sleep in and Q at 6:02am!
  • Beer Run on 6/5 – the perfect preparation for the Blood Drive! Or did I miss there something?
  • Blood Drive is on 6/19 – GIVE. YOUR. BLOOD!

Premature – I / we hope everything is going well!

Shop Dawg took us out – thank you!

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