It was a balmy 27 degrees this morning!

It was a balmy 27 degrees this morning!

27 PAX (1 FNG) stepped out in the cold and quickly began to shred layers as they felt the warmth.  The following workout provided the pain:

10 burpees for those who came to the KB preworkout and 15 burpees for those who did not show up till 5.30am.

Quick jog through the woods to Davey park parking lot and circle up for COP

* SSH X 15 (IC)

* Slow Squat X 15 (IC)

* Mountain Climbers X 15 (IC)

The blood was flowing so the work began…

Partner up – Partner one did excercise while partner two ran around parking lot island then flap jack.  Here were the excercises…

* Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Decline Merkins

* Jump ups on bench, Calf raises, Jump Squats

* Heels to Heaven, Mason Twist, LBC

* Pull ups, Carolina Dry Dock, Plank 6″

Called an audible for 10 more burpees for those who came to KB pre workout and 15 burpees for those who didnt show till 5.30am.

Jogged back through woods to hill by baseball field – found partner again…

* partner one did merkins at bottom of hill while partner two jogged up hill and did five burpees.  Flapjack.  Repeat twice.



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10 years ago

There you go Robin Hood. Get at it young fella!

10 years ago

Smoker of a workout Header – you never disappoint! Banarnars and I were saying the other day that to show up at 0530 for a workout and to get punished for not showing up at 0500 is crazy but it happened today…Fartsackers! Hats off to Airball for his second post and for bringing an FNG! Impressive stuff

10 years ago

I got crushed by the workout this morning and somehow you nuts have me convinced that I fartsacked because i didn’t get in my 30 minutes of kettlebells when it’s 24 degrees. I’ll be there at 0500 for the Kevlar anniversary celebration.

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