Rookie Day, Part Deux, at Area 51

Rookie Day, Part Deux, at Area 51

23 men, including 3 FNG, rolled out of the fartsack and hit the ground running for another Rookie Day at Area 51.

Mosey to soccer fields for COP (all in cadence)

* SSH x 15

* IW x 15

* Squats x 15

* Merkins x 10

* Mtn Climbers x 15

Divide into 2 groups, Rookies with Abacus and Veterans with Slap Shot

Rookies line up on soccer field for Devil’s Work-out (6x6x3) with 6 called exercises x 6 stops x 3 reps at each stop

Rd 1  Peter Parkers

Rd 2  Parker Peters

Rd 3  Squats

Rd 4  LBCs

Rd 5  Sister Mary Katherines

Rd 6  Merkins

Mosey to Playground for 3 stations:

* Pull-up’s x 5, Dips x 10, Incline Merkins x 10

* Pull-up’s x 5, Dips x 15, Decline Merkins x 15

* Pull-up’s x 5, Dips x 10, Wide Arm Merkins x 10

Mosey back to soccer fields for 5 MOM (in cadence):

* Dolly x 15, Flutter x 15, Rosalita x 15

Indian Run around perimeter of soccer field

Veterans with Slap Shot, run to lower field for:

* Walking lunge/bear crawl/plank

* High knees/10 burpees

* Karaoke down and back/plank

* Back peddle/10 burpees

Run to school

* Squats/Dips x 30 (repeat)

Run to trail

* Jump ups x 25/trail run

Run to wall

* People’s Chair/Merkins x 15

* People’s Chair/Diamond Merkins x 15

* People’s Chair/Wide arm merkins x 20

Two groups meet up at the soccer field for 6 MOM

Rookies head with Slap Shot to Rock Pile for:

* Rock curls/squats/over head press (x 20) repeat

Return rocks and head to soccer fields for:

* Walking lunge/jog/10 burpees/jog/plank

Run to lower field for:

* Plank/Peter Parker

Run to trail

* Dips x 25/trail run

Veterans go w/ Abacus to end of soccer field for full fledged Devil’s Work-out (6x6x6) with 6 called exercises x 6 stops x 6 reps at each stop

* Rd 1 Peter Parker

* Rd 2 Parker Peter

* Rd 3 Knee Ups

* Rd 4 Sister Mary Katherines

* Rd 5 LBCs

* Rd 6 Merkins

Mosey over to front of School for:

* People’s Chair x 1 min / Lunge walk to parking lot

* People’s Chair x 1 min / Lunge walk to parking lot

Both groups meet back up in parking lot for COT


– Another nice turnout for Rookie Day with 3 FNGs and return of couple FNGs from previous week’s Rookie Day.  Welcome.  Keep coming back.

– Props to FNG Shane Hughes (Barnacle) for continuing to push himself/substitute exercises when bum shoulders would not allow him to complete called upon exercise.  We hope to see you back out in there in the coming weeks.

– Does Joker’s motor ever stop.  Always seems to be at the front of the PAX no matter what we are doing.  Not sure he has a kryptonite.


– Get your F3 Charlotte South T-shirt order in by Sunday, 6/22, for initial order going out on Monday, 6/23.

– F3 Dads every Saturday in June at Colonel Francis Beatty Park (Weddington Road) from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Bring your 2.0s, boys and girls, for some fitness, fun, and games.

– RSVP to the Pig Pickin, 7/13 at Olde Providence School Baseball Fields.  Evite from Bugeater.


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