2 Fer One

2 Fer One

As is often said in a backblast, better late than never.  Sometimes work and life intervenes.  But I am within my 1 week window, so it still counts as an official BB.  Here is what we did at The Bottom Line and The Maul last week.

The Bottom Line

The Thang:

Disclaimer provided to the 10 Pax and off we went.  Moseyed up Bridgehampton drive to an area that YHC had eyed for our first exercise and here we partook in a standard warmup.  The area where we were was in the middle of 4 cul-de-sacs.  The group was broken up into 1’s and 2’s with 1’s headed one way and 2’s the other.  Run to the furthest CDS and perform the exercise that YHC had laid out.  Run back to the center meeting point for 15 sumo squats then work your way around the 4 CDS.  Exercises in each CDS consisted of 15 diamond merkins, 15 wide arm merkins, 15 right arm staggered merkins and 15 left arm staggered merkins.

Headed back to the basketball court beside the launch site.  Here YHC had laid out some gear for some 4 corners.  The group counted off by 4’s.  Corner 1 was the timer and was tasked with running to the parking lot for 5 burpees then back, Corner 2 was bicep curls with cinder blocks, Corner 3 was goblet squats with kettlebells and Corner 4 was tricep extensions with plates.  Whenever Corner 1 finished their burpee run we rotated stations.  2 passes through the stations for everyone.

A little time to kill so we gathered around the gaga ball pit for some clock work.  Get in incline merkin position and where you were on the wall was your 12:00.  Someone called out a time and we hand walked to that time followed by 5 incline merkins each time.  5 minutes of Mary and done.


Great core group out there at The Bottom Line.  Appreciate the first timers like Sweetwater coming out and checking it out.  Brexit is doing a phenomenal job building TBL up and setting the stage for future Indian Land sites.  Inkwell and I even EH’s a homeowner who was coming down his driveway to check out why a bunch of guys were doing pushups in his cul-de-sac.  He asked if it was that M3 thing.  I said yeah its F3 and we will see you next Tuesday at the clubhouse.  Schooner and Myrtle continue to kill it out there.  I can’t wait for the 2nd F get together with you guys in the F3 cul-de-sac there in the neighborhood.  Mighty and Midriff obviously have invented a way to clone themselves because it seems like these guys are everywhere at every workout.


The Maul

The Thang:

12 Pax were properly disclaimed and off we went stopping at the Wells Fargo ATM to circle up for the warmup.  Prior to warming up we knocked on the ATM for a while to try and stir Escobar but to no avail.  After a COP of Hillbilly’s, merkins, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters we noticed a shadowy figure racing to our group.  As we all waited with baited breath the mystery 13th Pax was none other than Big Tuna.  Sorry to Tuna for finishing the warmup just as he got there but we had places to be and things to lift.  Time to pick back up our mosey over to St. Matt’s.

At St. Matt’s instruction was given to grab a lifting rock but fair notice was also provided to expect high reps.  Rocks were chosen and we then lined up abreast along the bushes in the parking lot.  Partner up with P1 staying and performing the lifting exercise while P2 runs to the clearly designated area between the 2nd lightpost and grassy island.  Upon reaching said spot P2 does the called exercise and runs back to flapjack with P1 until reaching the designated number of lifting reps.  Here is what each round consisted of.

1 = 250 total bicep curls and running exercise was 10 J-Lo’s (R+L = 1)

2= 200 total squats and running exercise was 20 H2H

3 = 250 total overhead presses and running exercise was 10 dying cockroaches

4 = 200 total lunges (R=1 L = 1) and running exercise was 20 flutters (I think)

Not sure that we fully made it through the lunges but it was time to head back to launch stopping halfway at the Wells Fargo ATM (still no sign of Escobar) for some Mary.  1 minute left at launch for some plank then time.


This is one of my favorite workouts because with those many reps you definitely feel it.  And you get to throw in a little running and abs.  Solid work out there by everyone.  I got the pleasure of working out beside Olaf and Cold Cuts.  It was great catching up with Olaf who is back stronger than ever from the IR and great meeting Cold Cuts.  Enjoy those Phillies games with the daughter…those types of things to bond with them are priceless aren’t they?  Big Tuna obviously was not winded by having to track us down at the start because he was ready to sprint it home to launch.  Tuna loves the sprints. Thanks to Loogie and Patent Pending for doubling up with me this week and making both my Q’s.  Speaking of posting a lot, my man Frankie is hitting the pool/beach season head on and posting like a fiend.  T-claps.  Kirby as well with the solo pre-run.  TnT (the new nickname that I am going to start pushing for Teddy and Tagalong) are dynamite leaders in F3.  Thanks fellas for all that you do.  Good to see Mic Check making it back from his back injury.  Mic Check said that he is getting there and not 100%.  A 100% Mic Check is going to be scary.  Most of us can barely keep up with him at less than 100%.  The IT pro in Wingman came out when I was explaining the “general area” to run to for the ab exercises.  You know by now there are a lot of generalities in a War Eagle Q.



  • Beer Run June 5th.  If you can make it and are even debating it…do it.  It is an immensely fun event.

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