Kudos to the Floater Newbs

Kudos to the Floater Newbs

Every AO has their regulars and that is needed…but its always great to see guys posting at places they haven’t ever posted or it has been awhile since they last posted…..so KUDOS to Judge Smails, Lambeau, and Ghosted. Not to mention, you all came ready to work!

The Thang: (Gotta keep this BB short today—–here I go)

Pretty typical workout–Gave DICCS–did a warmup mosey—some stretching and we were off. Did some running to the Baptist Church and started with each pax¬† Planking and doing Merkins off the Plank—-then Squats—-then we ran to the Lutheran Church and did 15 squats and back to the Baptist Church for 15 merkins—rinse and repeat 3 times. Ran to the Swimming Pool Parking lot for 3 rounds of Starfish abwork and finished up with a give it all you got on KJH.


Pax came ready to work today….

This happened: Ice9 dry-heaved at the end. (I think  Zins weighted vest he borrowed help with that)

Just a few shoutouts: Zinfandel wearing the weighted vest getting ready for the Murph! Outstanding! Judge Smails and Ghosted practically sprinting together up KJH…..keep coming to Floater.

Lots of funny conversations and one liners from the typical crew—-thats what makes it worthwhile. Love the comraderie of F3….thanks guys!

Announcements :

Murph is Monday—If you have any contacts around town that can help donate food, drinks, anything else to the Murph—contact Chicken Little

Dasher introduced an SOB event (Similar to WTF) which will be held at the end of August called the Crane Relay—more details to come from Dasher as he receives them from SOB…..

069 made a great point of reminding pax to continue to wear reflective gear and headlamps

Zin mentioned F3 Dads on June 5th—starts at 9am for a fun workout at Briarcrest-Swimming afterwards.

Also on June 5th at noon is the Beer Run in E Charlotte (Plaza Midwood) Hit 6 or 7 breweries….Definitely just a mosey pace for the running…..will be a great time.

June 19th—Blooddrive!



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