Where’s Xerox?

Where’s Xerox?

After several attempts to reach out to Xerox yesterday with no response back, I was worried we may have a no show Q.  As 5:30 approached, my fears slowly turned into reality.  The though crossed my mind that I should throw this last second burden on one of the new Site Q’s (check the moleskin for details), but decided that would be super funny mean and took it on.

Extra long DiCCS for the FNG.


WARM UP (???)

Rifle carry coupon to curb near the gravel lot.

Mosey to the other end and grab a rock.


Teams of 3.  On the ends, 400 curls with the coupon and 500 tricep extensions with the rock.  Runner in between.

Recover back to the rocks.  As we slowly walk to put the rocks away we do 11’s with the rock.   10 Rock presses and 1 second hold down to 1 rock press with a 10 second hold.  Rocks up.

Mosey back to our coupons.  Keeping groups from before for station work.  Stations were:

  • 30 tire flips (timer)
  • Side straddle block hops
  • Rows
  • Chest Press

Did this for two rounds.

Gathered the pax back up near their coupons for 30 coupon presses, crawl bear, 10 Carolina Dry Docks.   Not enough time for round 2.

Mosey to COT.  Get there at 6:14 (no second timer on my watch so no clue if we had 5 seconds or 55 seconds).  Called burpees until 6:15.  We apparently had 35 seconds left – enough for about 6-8 burpees.



  • Thanks for the patience and grace this morning as I made stuff up on the fly.  Good work by all.
  • Great to see Mute back out again.
  • Yellen becoming a regular as well.  Watch out boys, Briarcrest is taking over again!
  • Bunyan apparently took it to the pax at Mash today (according the the Mash Channel).
  • New Site Q Announcement.  Rudy will be rolling off next week after almost 2 years at Chiseled.  Come out next week for his going away party.  I can’t wait to see what he has next in store inside F3.
    • Ex Lax and Loafer are both coming on board to be site Q’s at Chiseled.   They will looking to fill out June and July so get with them if you would like to Q Chiseled.
      • (Flanders with the shortest site Q reign ever with a quick last minute flip between him and Loafer at Asylum and Chiseled).
  • Rockwell yelling at Schnider “Lets go Schnider” as we walks to the tire flip.  Apparently Schnider mistook this for encouragement and thanked Rockwell.   Rockwell corrected him yelling again “Schnider, Lets go as it move your butt!”   Haha.  Get em Rockwell!



  • F3 Blood Drive.  June 19th.  9:00 to 1:30 at Five Stones Church.  We need sign ups!   Sign your self up, your wife, your neighbor, and your friend.  Post the sign up link in your neighborhood facebook page group.   We are officially a month out.  Sign up here: https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/drive-results?zipSponsor=f3
  • I wish I had a video of 0-69’s announcement because he was able to make a hard subject some what comical.   Here is my best attempt to recreate it – paraphrased of course.
    • I want to talk to you about a difficult topic that no one likes talking about.  As we went around name-o-rama I heard a lot of respects but also a lot of mid 40’s guys.  We had a friend close to us that got a recent scare and I want his scare to be a wake up call to those of us 45 and older…..get your colon checked.  Yes, no one likes taking a finger up the butt, or worse a camera…..but the good news is that they have advanced detection so all you have to do is take a dump in a box and mail it off.  Yes thats right.  Its no longer a prank (apparently 0-69 took dumps in boxes and mailed it to his friends for fun????), you can get screened for colon cancer just by crapping into a box.   So shake of the stigma, and go get it done.      Well said O.

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