Rack em, Stack em and Pack em

  • When:01/14/13
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Hops, Bananas (FNG Daniel Foster), Header, Skinner, Baracus, Bulldog, Stage Coach, Monkey Joe, Donkey Kong, Strange Brew, Runstopper, Bugeater(ruck), Blue Cheese, Harley, Prettyboy Quarterback, Dolphin (ruck), Tiger Rag, Camacho, Ray Charles

Rack em, Stack em and Pack em

23 strong posted in the early morning gloom with their best friend, Mr. Kettlebell, to get this week’s downpainment of Skunk Works.

The Thang:

SSH x 25

IW x 25

Mt. Climber x 25

KB Stack em and mosey to church entrance, partner up.

1st guy stack KB and jog/quick mosey around church, 2nd guy 5 burpees then sprint to flapjack with partner.  Continue around the church ~1/2 mile.

Circle up:

2 Hand KB swing x 20

Bear crawl up hill and back down

Goblet squat x 20

Sprint to first bus, 10 merkins, back

Alternating one arm swing x 20

Sprint to tennis courts and back

Good Mornings x 20

Duck waddle up and hill and back down (awkward but seem to burn)

Overhead press x 10 each arm

To the 2nd bus, 10 merkins and back

Goblet lunges x 10 each leg

To the 3rd bus, 10 merkins and back

High rises x 10 each arm

To the 4th bus, 10 merkins and back

Two hand swings x 20

10 Burpess on your own

Mosey back to parking lot

Louganis x 15

The W x 15

Dolly w KB x 15

Heels to Heaven w KB x 15

Mason twist w KB x 20



Great turnout on another warmer than normal Jan. morning.  YHC enjoyed leading the brotherhood through the KB pain.

DK gets stronger and stronger gang.  He took off into the gloom with his partners KBs and never looked back.

Strong post by Dolphin and Bugeater with the rucks this am.  KB weight in front, ruck in back…nice balance!

Why do the Good Mornings seem to hurt for days afterward?  It seems like such a simple move.

Welcome FNG Daniel Foster, now known as Bananas.  EH’d finally by Hops we hear.  Persistence pays off fellas, keep asking those neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc.  Share the joy we experience and bring them out.

Keep The Shore’s dad in your thoughts and prayers.

Regular schedule workouts in S. CLT for the rest of this week.



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11 years ago

Great job man. Tough workout. I hear ya on the Good Mornings. The gift that keeps on giving.

11 years ago

Jamboree was among the pax as well; not sure the other 2 we’re missing – sound off and be recognized men!
Great stuff Stone Cold – the downhill bear crawl was especially pain-inducing with the wet grass.
Also, word has it that the neighborhood across Rt. 51 placed a call to Matthew’s finest complaining of Monkey Joe’s cacophonous belches.

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