Bushwood 2 Man Scramble!

Bushwood 2 Man Scramble!



2 laps around circle then Into Warmup

On gym side of campus!

18 SSH in cadence, 18 Mountain Climbers,

27 Merkins, 18 LSS in Cadence!


The Thang:

2 Man Teams selected, Partner 1 runs around circle and does 5 Mike Tyson’s mid way while partner 2 starts the exercises. Rotate upon finishing each lap! LBC’s till the 6 returns before next set.


100 Merkins as a team

100 Donkey Kicks

200 Air Presses

100 American Hammers

100 Dry Docks

200 Squats

100 Side Shuttle Hops

100 Bobby Hurleys

100 Freddie Mercuries



It was an honor as usual to lead such a fine group of men!  The Pax quickly found out we won’t be going far as we started the tunes with Round and Round (RATT).  Good work today gents for a 45 min no break session. Highlight of the morning was Smuggler returning with 1 sleeve after a trip to the woods!  Use your imagination 😂,  He is halfway there to the traditional Bushwood attire!!


Keep a lookout for Blood Drives coming up.

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