Hills Suck (And So Does Your Mother)

Hills Suck (And So Does Your Mother)

17 for a hill heavy workout.   Yesterday I semi pre ran with Turn Buckle before Diesel.  I overheard him say “I hate hills” which is exactly the wrong thing to allow me to hear the day before I Q.  So I proceeded to plan a winkie that was hill heavy.

Arrived early to find Deadwood and Dasher doing some cuddle stretching in the parking lot before running the thread trail.  They would meet back up with us for the last 10 minutes of commitment.

DiCCS – lets go.


Mosey to Rock Pile and grab a lifting rock.

Use the rock to assist with Jimmy Duggans middle, right, left, and back to middle.

Shoulder ladder.  10 presses and 1 hold down to 1 press and 10 hold.

Staggered hand Merkins on the Rock

21’s Curls



Partner up in 3’s.  1 partner to stay at the rock pile for rock work, 1 Partner up at the corner of Kensington Drive/BayBrooke Drive (Basically the main road) for leg work, and a runner in between.   Rock work was 200 curls, 200 presses, and 200 tricep extensions.  Leg work was 200 squats, 200 speed skaters, and 200 lunges.

Rocks up and Mosey to the covered bridge.  If your early, do step ups until the 6 arrives.

Mosey again to the trail.

Merkins to exhaustion (because some can do 35 with no issue while other struggle to get to 20).  Roll over for 50 LBC’s.  Roll back over for another round of Merkins until exhaustion.  Then run to the round a bout.  If you have to stop to rest before reaching round a bout, then do 20 crab dips.  Once you reach round a bout, do crab dips until the 6 arrives.  High Hat tried to Q jack me.  Tried being the key word (NOT THIS TIME High Hat).  Once Elmers and Haka arrived we continued crab dips until they reached 30.  Then asked everyone to sprint back to trail.  If TB beat you back, you owed burpees.  Everyone finished in time so as a reward I only asked for Aussie Burpees until the 6 arrived.  Picked up Dasher and Deadwood here.  Apparently they met Hollywood somewhere on the trail which would explain Deadwoods look of pain and brokenness on his face as we arrived.

Merkins ’til exhaustion again.  50 LBC’s.  Merkins ’til exhaustion.  Run back up to the round about.  (Checks watch, not enough time, audible).  LBC’s until the 6 finished Merkins.

YoYo mosey towards COT via the trail.  Turn around at the bridge and come back to the 6.  Continue the “yoyo” until 6 arrives to the bridge.  YoYo mosey again to nesbit cul de sac. (yes JWoww I realize I’m running out of time but if given two options of ending on time or ending with everyone together I choose the latter).   Collect everyone at Cul De Sac for one final push.  All you got to COT.  7:31.  Finito.



  • Good work by everyone today.  The 6 pushed hard.
  • Chainsaw attempted to give me a complement pre name-o-rama and I did my best to deflect it.  I’ve got to get better about accepting compliments.
  • We found our newest doubleganger couple today.  Move over Twinkle Toes and Flanders,  Kirby and Dough Boy, Sugar Daddy and Mr. Clean, Nails and Tommy Lee,  Jingles and Posse ;).  I give you Haka and Popeye.   We really need side by sides to do it justice but they are basically the same guy.
  • Popeye’s hard work at express is showing.  Not only was he not the 6 today, but he was challenging me towards the front of the Clydesdales.  Nice work.
  • Was great to hear Haka reached out to Posse to give Posse some of his own medicine with regards to disappointed dad eyes.  Well played Haka (though I suspect Posse with the last laugh since you showed up to Commitment today?).
  • Rudy reached out earlier asking to split this Q, then decided not to show at all.  I cant figure that out, but I’m sure alcohol was involved – and a toilet.
  • It was good to see some non regular commitment guys out there today.  Twinkle, Das Boot, Haka, High Hat, and Elmers just to name a few.
  • Time to go coach some girls Softball (Let’s go Waxhaw…Beat Mara!).


  • Champion Forest tomorrow for Neighborhood Watch (You roosters may need a walk to get the soreness out).  Meet at the clubhouse on Dobson Drive for a walk through the neighborhood with the widest streets (in my best Trump boastful impression).   Planning to add in some trails as well.
  • Asylum on Monday has 100 burpees planned.   Bring an FNG, a site FNG, or a Kotters to help us reduce that burpee count down to 10.
  • March 29 Lycan launches at Waxhaw Elementary
  • Also March 29th is another CPR class.  Five Stones Church from 6:00 to 8:00.   Get with Surge to sign up as space is limited to 10 people.  2.0’s and wives welcome.  Watch this video to have your heart strings tugged by the instructor who leads it for us.  https://youtu.be/1XOBOTiDz20

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