2nd Chisel

2nd Chisel

15 Pax braved the cold to participate in my 2nd Q.


DICCS given

The warmup:

Opening mosey to front of church entrance

Circle up to main parking lot for stretches

15 imperial walkers

15 moracan night clubs

calf stretch

downward dog

can opener


The thang:

Return to COT to pick up coupon

rifle carry to Mt. Chiseled

stop and do 5 curls continue

stop and do 5 swings

Partner up and start pain outlined on whiteboard:

  1. weighted squats w/ coupon
  2. kettle swings w/ coupon
  3. durkins
  4. overhead press w/ coupon
  5. LBC’s
  6. Curls w/ coupon
  7. Stationary Lunges with coupon
  8. Bench press with coupon
  9. Rows Block to chin with coupon
  10. curb dips

Timer has option to run around Mt. Chiseled or do murder bunnies up Mt. Chiseled.  Surprisingly the only person to do murder bunnies was Sledge who had just returned from knee surgery.

After completion return to COT for a game of make it stop. Many checking watches hoping time was up.  We did manage to get 1 blocky in before the bell rang.


Rice and beans postponed due to recent required relocation

Flanders took us out

The moleskin:

Appreciate the opportunity to Q.  I do not always fully appreciate the thoughtfulness that many of the Q’s have when designing a workout.  It seems simple when you are participating but, when laying it out on paper it is much more difficult.  Cheers to the guys who Q regularly and manage to keep it exiting and challenging.


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