imageThe Thang:

Full ruck, no coupons, no contractions.  The goal was to average four mph for 5 miles. Pain stations to warm up and plenty of opportunities to carry our brothers.   4.73 miles in 70 minutes is close enough.  + 0.05 margin for error.  Great job men.

Naked Moleskin:

Four MOS who had not exhausted themselves tweeting, emailing, texting or whatever, posted this morning.  All the others never made it out of the FS.   Nonetheless these three brave souls embarked upon YHC’s virgin SPEARHEAD Q. Interesting to the virgin War Daddy.

Hard upon the fins of Dolphin’s 12 Days of Christmas celebration Tuesday, this adventure scenario was part one of a two part workout – High Speed Reconnaissance to confirm the route over the mountains and through the woods to Grandma’s house without getting caught.  Part two will be on the 26th when we deliver the presents to her. Unfortunately, we had to audible the plan since there were two PAX with legitimate conflicting schedules.  (Hope the M’s and 2.0’s are all OK now.)  All of the snipers stayed in Mountainbrook so no one was injured requiring that they be carried.  We were moving so fast that we could not stop for pain to warm up from the wind chill.  Frostbite risk.  None reported yet.

Fun was had by all!  Great 2nd F – since everyone could talk, we probably should have rucked faster.  Thanks men for showing up, working hard and keeping a sense of humor.

NOTE;  The initial launch of NoCo SPEARHEAD is tomorrow at Grace Covenant Church (Just past Home Depot at 17301 Statesville Rd, Cornelius, NC) 5:15 – 6:15 AM.  Dora has a special invitation to be the GQIC.  Congrats Men!

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BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Sorry I missed out on this one. Looking forward to your next Q, Angler. I’m glad nobody was sniped.

Hope to see everyone out tomorrow morning at SPEARHEAD NoCo!

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