4 Years of F3 Q- Red Light District

4 Years of F3 Q- Red Light District

12 Pax made the correct decision to post at Fast Twitch this morning, after a Mermaid approve disclaimer that they cannot sue myself, F3, Astro(not here due to ditching Fast Twitch for Swift Marathon Training) or Purell(not here being on administrative leave),and that I care about your safety not responsible the pax moseyed. Quick warm up down to the intersection of Swans Run Rd and Swan Meadow Lane(being told by multiple pax Haze, Gummy) that the warm up pace was aggressive followed by a quick COP of 10 Imperial Walkers(silent count to not wake the neighbors), YHC introduced the workout.

Objective: Run the Swans route at whatever pace ranging AYG to Half Marathon or Half Marathon pace from Swans Run Rd to Circles End to Lamers Lane, to Swans Meadow Lane, back to Swans Run Rd. Recover with 10 squats, run the same route again at recovery pace, followed by 10 Americans rinse and repeat originally till 6:05(audible later on to 6:00). During that time(or first route) we had a pax that fell(Flipper) so after listening to the pax suggestion(Purple Haze) an audible was made to the intersection of Swan Meadow Ln and Circles End section of the Red Light district. At 6:00, slow mosey back to the intersection of Springs Drive and 51 then back to launch. Pax miles varied between 5 and 6.64 miles depending on the Pax pace and any technical issues with our watches.


When YHC found out that my 4 Year F3 Anniversary landed on a Tuesday,I immediately messaged Purell and Astro to secure the date as Fast Twitch has been a workout YHC has frequented during my 4 Years in F3. Due to ongoing Hamstring and various issues with my surgically repaired leg, it was only after going to Retread’s aggressive attempt to run Mermaid’s route from the new launch point I knew I could lead the workout. The goal of today’s workout was to keep the pax relatively close together to lead from the six, while the faster folks could add on the miles in a classic Red Light District Fast Twitch workout of Speed, Squats, and Americans.

There was plenty of mumble chatter this morning( Purple Haze, Gummy, Alf, Ductwork) as YHC expected whenever I Q at Fast Twitch. Purple Haze words started off saying we’re going to the Red Light District, this workout sucks Benny. I take that as a complement as the pax worked hard the entire 60 minutes. Big shoutout to Flipper who missed his usual Tuesday workout(Swift) when he learned on Saturday my 4 Years of F3 Q would be at Fast Twitch today, he was flying like he usually is all morning. Followed not far behind by Alf, Turkey Leg, Christmas and Ductwork. Purple Haze, Gummy, Rock Thrill, Lex Luther and 49er weren’t too far behind with Retread and YHC rounding out the six. Huge shoutout to Retread, during our way back him and I talked as he was there for YHC first post in F3 at Peak 51. We both clearly remember someone(Smokey) telling Geraldo we still had 10 minutes left, needless to say Geraldo decided to do peoples chair with his 60+ lbs ruck being passed around the last 10 minutes.

A lot has changed for YHC in 4 years of F3, running the BRR in 2017, PR in Charlotte Half 2017, having a life changing accident in 2018 where I’ve still been working my way back into shape(word of advice cars always win especially coming at you at 45 MPH). Since then, I’ve appreciated all the support the past 3 years as I’ve worked my way back up to a strong performance in the 2019 BRR, a couple of half marathons that same year, while continuing to work my way through Whiplash visits as I get myself back to a respectable form. Career changes, and even lately working through some personal issues on top of working my way back to health. Through all the ups and downs YHC has had the past 4 years, F3 has been a constant that has truly helped me since moving down to Charlotte from New Jersey. Especially lately, I’ve appreciated all the encouragement and support. If you haven’t had a chance to Q a workout or even be a site Q do so. Trust me, you’ll be better off for it and it’ll make you a stronger leader.

–Blood drive: Sign up else or MM will take it from you unwillingly at your house… word to the wise. Details available on Slack

-Makeshift Marathon happening in November, see Run channel on slack for details. Proceeds will go to a good cause, sign up today!

-A51 Board turnover: Voodoo in the role of Nantan, OrangeWhip is 1st F, Hoover 2nd F, Geraldo 3rd F, CheeseCurd Weasel Shaker, Flipper is CSAUP Q, Udder continues his COMZ Q role. See your board members with ideas for how they can continue to make our region great!

A pleasure to lead as always, Benny out

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10 months ago

Good work Benny, congrats on 4 years.

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