12 really swell guys for a fun-filled run through the rain.

Diccs and we’re off

Warm –up:

Run around to HS parking lot, grab lifting rock, 10 presses IC-Then carry the rock to the overhang above the stairs and leave them.

Mosey to end of street.


5 burpees-run to stairs, up stairs, 20 jump squats-back to start

5 burpees-run to roundabout, 20 stagger merkins on curb-back to start

5 burpees-run to poop shed-20 donkey kicks-back to start

5 burpees

Grab 6/plank work while waiting

5 burpees-run to front of HS, 30 derkins, on way back stop at stairs 20 jump squats, back to start

5 burpees-run to farther roundabout, 30 squats, on way back 20 stagger merkins, back to start

5 burpees-run to back of middle school-30 dips, on way back 20 donkey kicks, back to start

5 burpees

To the rocks: Maktar Ndiaye 10 IC

Curls x20 IC, Presses x20 IC, rock squats x20 IC-run to back of HS

Merkins x10 IC, jump squats x10 IC, burpees x10-back to rocks

Curls x15 IC, Presses x15 IC, rock squats x15 IC-to back of HS

Merkins x15 IC, burpees x15-back to rocks

Bring lifting rocks back to pile 20 presses on way, Merkins x10 IC

Around path to start:

10 merkins at every light pole (6?)



Was intent on getting the mileage requirement completed while the rain was light, knowing there was a chance it would come down hard later.  Had my Ignition Q plan somewhat, slightly, barely thought out and ready to rock. Come to find out after 2/3rds into the workout that running 3+ miles that it was just a suggestion, not a necessity. Hmmm. Made it well over 4 miles anyways, the last 8 minutes in the worst part of the rain. Dasher, Sprinkles, Legal Zoom and Gerber were out front all morning, some killer bees for sure.  I’m not, maybe? sure the rest of the crew appreciated the running or the burpees, especially since I accidently lied before we started and told Deflated and Foundation that I would not be doing burpees on the wet ground. Oops. Made sure to avoid these two the rest of the workout, hoping they’d forget.  I think they did forget because it is mid-morning and I would have been photoshopped on something ridiculous by now.

Also, why the heck was everyone wearing rain jackets? I know you guys probably had some Group Me channel set up specifically for buying them. Legal Zoom and I felt a little left out…

Some expected mumblechatter and questions during the initial instructions from the regulars (basically everyone). Explained that I was not getting Demascus’d today and that the PAX would have to just figure it out. It would help if I was louder and didn’t mumble myself, but that’s just how it goes when I Q. Suck it up.

Good push by the PAX today. Today, there was legitimately no quit out there, despite the soggy conditions. Oh and despite what I just wrote, I do appreciate the chatter and back and forth because that’s what makes these workouts what they are and keeps many of us coming back for more. Or of course if you are obligated to show because badges, octuples and niners are your thing.

Zinfandel, Deadwood, Rudy, Banjo, Hooch-since you all weren’t mentioned, myself and the Swarm CEO and board of directors thank you all for your help participating in YHC’s first-ever Swarm Q workout session. Without your contributions, the workout officially known as the Swarm would never have been able to pull off such a great event. You all were there, working hard, picking up the 6, and participating in the required Thang mentioned above. We hope you enjoy the weekend and took away some valuable training points from this morning’s Q.  Once again, my sincere thanks. We could not have pulled this off without you.


See Flash for details.


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