SFG Prep Work Continued in the Cold

SFG Prep Work Continued in the Cold

14 men braved the artic like temps as compared to a week ago to get stronger and throw a little metal around.

Disclaimer was given – then we got to work.

Quick warm-up:

20 swings oyo

5 prying squats

10 merkins oyo


The Thang:

Continued with the SFG Certification Prep program Voodoo revised and built.

On the menu for today – RDLs, Waiters Carries, Cleans and Squats.

1 x 10 RDL – right and left leg – moderate weight used – warm up the hammies

5 x 1 (R&L) Waiters Carries – approx. 45 – 60 seconds per carry – this started to hurt

5 x 5 double cleans

5 x 5 double racked squats

This can be done as super sets or all of one, then all of the other – think most pax decided for the superset route which makes them a bit harder (understatement) but did warm you up.

Finished with about 15 minutes remaining so

EMOM – 10 swings (your choice) for 10 mins


Full Body Tension hold


Hard Style Plank





Big group today in spite of the cold – great to see everyone out and working hard. Lorax asked how we had so many with as cold as it is – YHC things the Meathead faithful have finally all figured out the new time and place. Everyone was putting in hard work and looked like most if not all people were also pushing the weight and making it more challenging. Knowing what is in store also makes the workout a bit easier – more or less. Also, big thanks for Hoover for being the music Q – great selection – nothing like starting the morning moving some KBs and listening to Zeppelin.


Next installment will be at Olympus this Saturday – watch Slack for the details.

Thanks men for the opportunity to lead.

Champagne Out.



IT was cold and everyone was ready to get back into warm cars so pretty quiet.

Had a request for a KB 101 class – will discuss among the Qs and plan something soon on a Saturday – watch Slack.

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