Mighty Mite’s First Friday Q

Mighty Mite’s First Friday Q

YHC will be celebrating my 7th year anniversary but I have an odd distinction in my time in the gloom, I’ve never Q’ed a Friday workout before*, despite plenty of posts at Centurion, the Brave and Cerberus.  There was that one time Champagne and Madame Tussauds asked me to Q the Brave but it happened to be the day before the USMC Mud Run(when that was still a thing) and no one showed up, leaving my Friday Qginity intact.

Alf reached out to Slack yesterday asking for a last minute Q and I thought it would be a great time to break my streak.

Fast forward to 5:28 AM, Alf and YHC are the only two pax in the parking lot much to my disappointment…more on that later.

Ice-9 pulled in at 5:29 and after stalling for 2 minutes, we were off to the big parking deck for the main event.

COP Warm Up:  IW X 10, Windmill X 10, Arm Circles Forward X 10, Arm Circles Backward X 10.

The Thang:  Parking deck suicides Round 1: Lap 1: Run up first ramp, 5 merkins, run down ramp.  Lap 2:  Run up ramp, run around 2nd level, 10 merkins, run around 2nd level, run down ramp………………… Lap 5:  Run all the way to the top and complete 25 merkins, Mary while waiting on the 6.

As predicted, Alf and Ice-9 were smoking me up, down and around the parking deck but sometime between laps 2 and 3, C3PO and Shop Dawg showed up.  O’Tannenbaum showed up between laps 3 and 4.  After all pax got to the top, YHC needed to find a way to do a better job of keeping the pax together.  So I revealed the 60 lb sandbag, 60 lb kettlebell, 45 lb kettlebell, and 30 kettlebell that were hidden before the workout.

Repeat the Parking deck suicides again with the “fast guys” carrying the weights and squats instead of merkins.  This took a while and eliminated mumblechatter for the most part.  Pax took turns sharing the burden and everyone was smoked.  Then there was just enough time to carry the weights back to the launch point and about 3 minutes of Mary.


Moleskine:  At 5:28 AM, YHC was worried that the first two times I’ve Qed a Friday would result in only 1 pax posting.  YHC was more worried that Alf and I having to carry almost 200lbs of sandbags and KBs back to the launch by ourselves.  Thankful for 4 more pax joining in.

For the 2nd time in 7 days, YHC has been at a workout that has seen it’s total pax grow significantly AFTER launch.  At Da Vinci on Saturday we went from 10 to 17 and today we went from 3 to 6.  Thankfully the late pax were able to easily find the crowd and still get a beatdown in.

Ice-9 is a monster.  I thought making him do the suicides while carrying a 60 lb kettlebell would help bring him back to mean a little bit.  I was wrong.  If anyone has a 100+ lb sandbag or kettlebell, bring it to my next Q that Ice-9 posts at.


New Gear Workout starting on Monday Jan 6 at McAlpine Elementary.  Pax in attendance were not in favor of Kettlebros, Swole, or Deadpool.

NYE Convergence 12/31 at Swift/Bagpipe location(medical park next to Einsteins Bagels).


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4 years ago

Welcome to the Friday Q circuit. Centurion is next for you, brother!

4 years ago

Crazy – Friday Q, congrats!

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