Keep ‘Em High

Keep ‘Em High

17 guys joined me at the 3 headed dog for a high heart rate workout.

When Swimmers extended the invitation I knew I needed to bring a good workout today. Something that would make my boys proud down on the long and bumpy wagon road ride to Waxhaw. Most that know me know my disdain for running and that I often preach that there are other ways to get the heart rate high than running. So with all that in mind…here is what we did.

I knew swimmers would be there, but I wasn’t sure who else from Waxhaw might answer the Bat Call to come join me. I was presently surprised to see Rubbermaid this morning – and to no ones surprise, he also helped with unloading Christ Closet last night (#HIM). Big Tuna and Chipolte also there early to apparently study my solo stretching techniques before getting out of the car to join me. Shop Dawg coming in hot on Jingles time (speaking of, where has Jingles been). Love me some Shop Dawg.

DICCS given at 5:29. It was a short Diccs and had just enough time for an awkward silence before 5:30 hit to which I asked for someones best joke. Either no one in the group is a comedian (which I know isn’t the case as the PDS’s crew was there) or no one had an F3 appropriate joke. Before I could tell one – 5:30 hit…lets roll.


Mosey past the gladiator workout. Point and snicker as you past was a requirement. Circle up near Taziki’s (love that place – crushed ice on point) for deconstructed burpee ladder. Starting with 10 reps and going down to 1. Squats, In/Outs, Merkins, and Bobby Hurleys. Yes, this was a recycle from my recent Q at commitment – but maybe one other guy was there today and that day so its ok.

Short mosey to the top of the parking lot to find roughly 10 parking spots in a row for a pulse merkin/bear craw fun show. Bear craw one spot, 1 pulse merkin, bear crawl to second parking spot for 2 pulse Merkins. Go until you collapse which for most, having just done 55 merkins during deconstructed burpees, appeared to happen around the 7 mark. I called a recover.

Mosey behind Taziki’s for supine ladders. 10 down to 1. In my head I had the above taking us about 30 minutes…..I was wrong. We were only 15 minutes in….Great!!! I get to use the full Winkie today instead of cutting it short.

Mosey past Whole Foods and split into two teams for a “race”. 5 benches line both sides of the street. One at a time do 10 up in overs covering all 4 benches for a total of 40. While you wait, perform a cardio exercise. I called out In/Outs, but switched to jump squats halfway through.

My team lost by a hair – though based on a comment from One Star a have a suspicion that they had an Ace up their sleeve that they may have played. Either way, my team for 5 burpee penalty. To my surprise, the other team joined in – apparently feeling guilty from cheating winning.

Time to play a game me and the wife do in the bedroom (Hey Oh!). One Star without missing a beat asking if it was Just the Tip (Nice). Would you rather: Run the stairs or do a .3 mile lap with pain stations. To my surprise, the answer was stairs. My legs were already feeling it from the earlier work so I was shocked to hear the rest of the pax wanted more leg work….but ok…here we go.

Mosey to parking deck stairs. Wall sit at the top waiting on the 6. Once 6 was there everyone in wall sit with wall hand slaps for a 30 cadence count. I tried giving up the counting around 18, but the pax apparently thought it was a joke….oh no, I’m tired…someone else count. Swimmers finally caught wind and picked up around 22 (thank you).

I was concerned about the effort on the way up the first round so I split the group into two teams again and once again we raced up different stairways with burpees again as the penalty. Again to my surprise the winning team joined in on burpees.

Wall sit/slap for another 30. Rinse and repeat for a last (third) time.

Mosey over to other side of Porterhouse for the .3 mile loops. 5 Big boy sits ups at corner, 10 jump squats at round-a-bout, 15 gas pumpers and second round-a-bout. Repeat as many times as you can in the final 10 minutes. Clydesdales got two rounds. Most Gazelles got in 3. Jailbreak back to the start. Finito


Its always fun to get outside of the comfort zone from time to time to meet new people. This was only my third (maybe 4th) time at Cerberus, but it really is a great AO with lots to do as well as a great concept of bringing 3 regions together.

When I do get around other regions I realize the Waxhaw COT is slightly different with us going Hospital Name, Age, F3 Name while other regions go Hospital name, F3 Name, age. It really screws with my repeating the name back since I’m use to repeating the last thing I hear. The name-o-rama video I took today has a lot of me repeating ages. While I fully am aware Waxhaw is likely doing it wrong….I do think the way we do it makes more sense….for what its worth (and thats absolutely nothing).

Good to put a face with a name today with Alf. His wife and daughter have been taking my wife’s classes at the YMCA and I keep hearing about another F3 guy from my wife. I had heard the name Alf inside the F3 community for awhile but our paths hadn’t crossed yet. Hopefully I made my wife proud and you can tell your wife the husband is just as hard??? (probably not).

Big push out of the Clydesdales today. Not to many long runs (until the end) but enough work to keep the heart rates high. Clydesdales got in about 2.2 miles in. Gazelles likely got in 2.5

Ever since we lost Weddington HS as a site (old man fist shake at the AD), I’ve missed doing supines. I was able to find some rails today to take it back to the ole Weddington days of Supine ladders. I forgot how much those hurt and I’m looking forward to a sore upper back tomorrow (in a good way).

Love having some good mumble chatter at workouts and the PDS guys didn’t disappoint. Always enjoy having them at workouts.


2 CSUP events coming up on Nov 9th.

VAGABOND – starts at Hickory Tavern near Rea Farms. 13 miles with stops at sites along with way for 15 min boot camps. For the Clyesdales, if you dare to try it, may I recommend lots of runners glide and Vaseline.

West Side (Wallop?) I forgot the name Shop used today but it was good. 6 miles with BBQ and Christ Closet give away.

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