In the World of F3, or at least in my own little World, we tend to default to our “Dolphin”-type/typical F3 workouts. It is only when the forecast calls for inclement weather that I think about a way to push the Pax, and at the same time keep us all relatively dry. 12 Pax showed up at Dromedary not knowing what to expect (or that YHC was on Q), so it was a perfect morning for some Tabata time!

Mosey to the MRHS Cafeteria area and the picnic tables where YHC planted the “Whiteboard of Pain” prior to the Pre-run. Quick disclaimer/DiCCS, warm-up consisting of some (15) SSH, (15) IW, (10) Potato Pickers, Quad Stretches. Done!


For those unfamiliar or new to F3 Waxhaw, Tabata is a 4-minute, High Intensity Training exercise consisting of (8) Exercises, each being only :20 in length, followed by :10 of rest. Sounds easy, but it is not. Check out this link to a Men’s Health article about what it all means.


The initial thought was to complete (8) total rounds of (8) Exercises, but the decision was made to mix in some running in between each round. Thankfully, the new Tabata Pro App is solid and there were no interruptions in the flow or the play list! Lessons-learned from past mistakes. Here is the list of exercises:

  • Merkins
  • Step-ups
  • Dips
  • Jump Squats
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Knee-ups
  • Burpees
  • LBC’s

After each round, we ran towards the buses, cut underneath the covered area and looped back to the benches. Repeat for (6) total rounds instead of (8) as the time was flying by. 5-minute warning given on the watch, so time to mosey back to COT. Circle up for a quick elbow plank led by the new Plankmaster, Bottlecap! Quick Al Gore from One Star. Done!


Great work by the 12 Pax who showed today. It’s great to see our brother, Segue, back in the mix after some major life changes over the past year or so. Keep showing up! Also nice to see Posse keeping the atmosphere light with his funny comments about all the great movies he has never seen (Rocky? Really, Posse? The greatest movie EVER!).

I don’t Q as often as I once did, but when I do Q now, it is so much easier to pull together a Weinke quickly. I envied that about the veteran Q’s when I started, and aspired to be there myself. I only say this to encourage other Pax to keep volunteering to Q, learning from your brothers (steal ideas!), staying in your “Dolphin” when you Q, and challenging yourself to improve every time you Q. It’s a blessing and a privilege for us to be able to lead other men, and if we are going to “take” the DRP, we need to “give” the DRP as well. If you’re not ready to Q yet, or don’t ever intend to for personal reasons, then that’s ok. We will be here when you’re ready, and will support you even if you don’t want to Q. We are all making F3 Waxhaw a great place for FNG’s to join, and everyone matters.

With that said, thank you for allowing me to lead today. I’m coming off a pulled/strained Quad so it’s great to be back out with you guys after a couple weeks laying low. See You In The Gloom again soon!


Holiday Party (11/16), EFFFEE’s (12/7) happening soon. Be sure to sign up. (But I’m not sure how we are spelling “Effies” these days!)

3rd F opportunity, Open Door, at Five Stones every Sunday morning at 7am.

Thanks to One Star for taking us out in prayer, even though his son doesn’t think he can pray like Moneyball!

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