Who/What is HIM?

Who/What is HIM?

Have you heard of the F3 acronym HIM?  Stands for High Impact Man.  To me, it simply means that you aren’t sitting around waiting for others to step up and do things.  YOU do it!  YOU lead!  For whatever reason, today was a very glaring example of just how many HIMs we have in F3 Waxhaw.

14 showed up at Dromedary in a somewhat somber mood with the news of Site Q Goodfella’s wife battling some health issues after the birth of his 1st, 2nd, 3rd latest son.  But we know that God will use this situation for good and we pray for a quick and full recovery for her.


  • DCCS including Social Distancing warning
  • Long Mosey, SSH, Merkins, MC, Diamond Merkins, Slow PP, Wide Merkins, Imperial Squawkers


  • Grab a lifting rock and head to the track
  • Do exercise with Rock x 20, Go across field in various ways, Burpees x 5, Run Backwards to Rock
  • Repeat: Exercise with Rock x 10, Sprint across field, Burpees x 5, Run Backward to Rock
  • Exercises consisted of Tire Changers, Squatted Front arm raise, Squatted shoulder press, Alternating Side Shoulder Press
  • Going across field exercises included Army Crawl, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, and Crab Walk
  • Partner up
  • P1 does squatted curls while P2 runs to other side of field for Burpees x 5 and runs back
  • Repeat
  • Rocks back and mosey to tables at Middle School
  • Derkins x 30, Dips x 30, Derkins x 10, Dips x 10
  • Mosey to parking lot for some closing merkins, sprints, and J-Lo’s


  • HIGH IMPACT MEN in our midst:  A few examples just this morning at the workout
    • SPRINKLES tells me that he has already contacted F3 Tallahassee (Go Noles) and that he is planning on starting a couple workouts on campus when he arrives next month to start getting other college kids to join in . . . AWESOME!  That is LEADING!  And for an 18 year old kid?!?!  No wonder why you chose FSU to be around all those brilliant minds/leaders.
    • POSSE gets a hard time for being the “announcement man” sometimes but his passion for getting others involved in more stuff is incredible.  He has his hands involved in a lot of different F3 things that make big differences in our community.  INSPIRING!
    • LAZYBOY graciously donated $1,500 high-end leather recliner to raffle off for 100 PAX Challenge.  The guy hasn’t been coming to workouts due to some knee issues but still lurks checks on GroupMe to stay engaged cuz he knows F3 is bigger than the first F.  GENEROUS!
    • SHOP DAWG is leading/winning in all 3 F’s.  He told us today that he is down 45lbs since January.  WOW.  He has been hosting QSource.  He brings black oil coffee for the PAX to enjoy.  He facilitates an Open Door group.  And he has been leading the building project for Christ’s Closet.  CRUSHING IT!
    • There are so many more but those were just a few examples that popped up just today . . . So blessed to be doing life/community with you men!
  • Speaking of HIMs, Goodfella and his wife were lifted up in prayer today . . . Get back soon my friend.
  • Another close relative of HIM is the AFP (Aussie Form Police) . . . Thanks to Dasher for pointing out that my junk hits the ground during all some merkins . . . #PeckerScraper #TuckItInNextTime


  • Saturday July 4th Convergence:  Blackhawk takes place at Walnut Creek park at 0700.  Celebrate Independence Day with a “1776” workout
  • 100 PAX Challenge Raffle:  Raffle tickets are available ($10 for one or 3 for $25) to enter for a chance to win a $1,500 Leather Recliner or a $1,500 gift card to do some shopping at his website (https://www.clubfurniture.com/).  He has some incredible high end items and even said he will cover the delivery, taxes, etc.  Please find or reach out to Centerfold to get your raffle tickets ASAP
  • July 18th 5k/10k:  Put on by the F3 SOB Region.  Will take place in Ballantyne.  They are asking for a $33.33 donation which includes a shirt.  All proceeds will go to local charities (similar to how 100 PAX Challenge is working for us).
  • Body Shop:  New bootcamp workout at Rea View Elementary on Thursdays @ 0600 . . . Mad Dog is the lead mechanic tomorrow . . . MASH unit will be taking one bay of the garage as well
  • Floater:  Old bootcamp workout in Downtown Waxhaw on Thursdays @ 0600 . . . Deflated is the head eskimo tomorrow #Layers

YHC took us out with a prayer for Goodfella, his wife, and a call for all of us to appreciate the family we have in our lives each and every day!

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