Royal Flush

Royal Flush

21 men came out for one last Moneyball Q at the Floater. It went something like this:

DiCCS given (loosely adhered to)

Mosey down and across 75 towards Bad Idea. Deadwood had one of his own while standing in the middle of the road playing traffic cop. Thankfully she missed him. Off we went.

20 SSH. Enough

Each light pole, 10 squats all the way to school basketball court. 10 merkins. Off to Bad Idea

Mosey to steep bit of Bad Idea for Dock Webb. 1 Dry Dock/4 Bear Crawls up to 40

Mosey back to beginning of steep part and all pax run backwards all the way to top of Bad Idea. Mosey back to basketball court.

1 Minute Plank then IC- 25 LBC/25 Hammer/Flutters/WW2

Mosey back towards base. 10 Speed Skaters at each light pole. Safely cross the street

Modified Suicide around the church- First corner 10 Merkins, run back to start, second corner, 10 merkins, back to start. Audible to 10 burpees for 10 minutes. Rainbow jumper too tight to permit burpees. If you can’t Q it, don’t do it! Audible to bottom of #kjh

Suicides to first, second, and then stop sign. Back to Circle for 25 seconds of SSH. Done.

Announcements: Deadwood replacing me as co-Site Q with Zinfandel. The 87th best site in all the land is in good hands. Keep it brutal, DW.

Moleskin: Being a site Q has been such a privilege, especially at a site like Floater. Not sure if you were aware, but did you know ol’ #87 is the ONLY AO that has never missed a backblast!? I’m confident Deadwood will help Zin keep both the momentum and streak alive.

To all of you- my sincerest thanks. It has been an honor and privilege leading and serving with you. Thank you for being such good friends to me. I’ll be around periodically and plan on posting as many times as possible. What we have here is special. Don’t take it for granted. We close on the sale of our home July 12th. Site Qs- if you have any openings between now and then, please let me know. I’d love the chance to Q a few more times before we leave. Have a great day all!

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