F3 Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

F3 Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Woke up this morning threw on my shirt (or half a shirt) grab my gear and headed out to commitment this morning. I was not planning to have the numbers of PAX that I did this morning however I’m not complaining, I set up my court and stations then headed over to the parking lot to meet the PAX who were beginning to question the Frisbee in my hands. circled up and explained my DCC’s to them then 6:30 lets mosey.

The Thang:

  • Mosey up to intersection then back down to circle  for warm up
  • Warmup:
    • 15LSS’s
    • 15 Imperial Walkers
    • 15 Mountain Climbers
    • Calf Stretches (10 Sec each side)
  • Mosey to Court ( Playground behind School)
  • Suicides down/back the Court
  • Bear Crawls down 2 spots
  • Crab Walk down the other 2 spots repeat on the way back.
  • Break into 4 teams
  • Each team run to 1 of the 4 corners
    • First Corner: 20 Burpees
    • Second Corner: 40 LBC’s
    • Third Corner: 30 American Hammers
    • Fourth Corner:  50 Monkey Humpers
    • (X2)
    • This was supposed to be incadence however I guess I was not loud enough.
  • Circle up and explain next work out teams 1 and 4 begin Ultimate frisbee
  • Teams 2 and 3 start workout of
    • Mosey down to School Drop Off and back to court and begin Exercise once you finish one exercise run back to school drop off then back for another (Much Confusion)
      • 20 Merkins
      • 20 Burpees
      • 20 Jump Squats
      • 20 Speed Skaters
      • 20 Carolina DryDocks
  • Each Round of Ultimate is 7 Minutes Continue that loop until the round is over. (Eventually this turned into 5 minute games)
  • Once the games finished up mosey to Circle and loop back to parking lot/COT
  • Plank it up for the 6 and …time.


The workout turned out to be very much confusing like much of my Q’s. Turned out better than expected though and I believe most of the PAX enjoyed the different style of workout. I should have Hired a referee in order to settle disputes on the field and call out fouls but I was on a budget.


March 23 Dash for Down Syndrome Speed for Need race see Rubbermaid for details

Thank you to Shop Dog for Taking us out.

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