Western Union dog walking club

Western Union dog walking club

18 dog walkers took a leisurely stroll at the very plush Waverly shopping center. Since this area doesn’t typically welcome “our kind” the Western Union PAX rolled in with headlamps off and parked on the top floor of the garage. We unfurled the #Cerberus Shovelflag and grabbed 2 slam balls to go play with the dogs.


  • Mosey to far side of lot and circle up
  • Quick Disclaimer: Did not give a full WUC DCCS check since my DCCS I thought was plenty (Cell Phone, CPR w/ Apple Brandy chapstick, YHC wearing bikini-style vest and headlamp)
  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Various Merkins x 15 IC
  • Low SLOWWWWWWW Squat x 20 IC


  • Quick Mosey to grass hill and railings across from QuikTrip
  • Partner Up
    • P1: Supines
    • P2: Crawl Bear up the hill
    • Do each station 4 times
  • BISR (Burpee Indian Slamball Run)
    • 2 lines each with a slamball
    • Last guy in line does a burpee, picks up slamball and runs to front of line dropping the slamball as he passes last PAX
    • Go LONNNNNGGGG way to top floor of garage
  • 3-Man plate work
    • P1: Top of ramp – Derkins (50, 40, 30, 20, 10) and Donkey kicks while waiting for partner
    • P2: Bottom of ramp – Knee-ups x 10, Bomb Jacks x 10, Rinse and repeat while waiting for parnter
    • P3: Overhead run with 45/35lb plate
  • BISR around top deck while waiting for YHC to finish (did our team really get lapped or did everybody mail it in?!?!)
  • Mosey to Hotel fountain
    • All PAX hold Derkin Plank position
    • Pass/Roll 2 slamballs around the circle
    • Do a derkin every time slamball passes you
  • Mosey to COT
    • All PAX hold Plank position
    • Pass/Roll 2 slamballs around the circle
    • Do a merkin every time slamball passes you


  • Not as much complaining as YHC’s last Q at Cerberus; I’m thinking most of the regular A51 whiners PAX decided to stay home post elsewhere
  • Ocho Cinco and Swimmers can BRING it; they were both jumping strong on the knee-ups and Bomb Jacks while YHC was resting on the shorts
  • I’m sure the whole group was crushing it but due to YHC’s lack of glasses and the tears sweat in my eyes, I only saw those 2 who were close to me
  • Taco Truck is more like a Taco Corvette . . . Sneaky fast!
  • Very impressed by Job, who is 15, posting without his Dad, and pushing the pace. Well done
  • Always great to see 2 of my favorites who I RESPECT, Snowflake and ShopDawg . . . Even though Shop was talking about how he has balls that resemble slam balls . . . #ColdPorcelin
  • Appreciate my WUC crew (Deflated, Moneyball, Deadwood, Knish, Das Boot, and the Providence Downs Clown Car Posse) coming up to support the road game Q today
  • Glad to know I made a “list” . . . I believe it was Fiji who has put cross-hairs on parts of the weinke
  • Thanks to Uncle Leo for taking the shovelflag


  • Joe Davis run tomorrow. Still time to join. Workout beforehand? One Star needs another workout
  • Dash for Down 5K: March 23rd in Blakeney. See Rubbermaid for all details around Speed for Need
  • QSource directly after Cerberus on Fridays at Panera

THANKS to Snowflake for taking us out! Have a great weekend gents!

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