Will The Real Dancing Bear Please Stand Up?

Will The Real Dancing Bear Please Stand Up?

Posted on behalf of Dancing Bear. Enjoy!

It was a VQ this morning for Dancing Bear and my heart was overflowing with joy when half of the PAX showed up in white t-shirts to work-out in honor of the Q. With 26 PAX on site, there was talk of this being an attendance record for this AO. I had to live up to the hype of delivering a solid VQ.

The Warm up:

Mosey from the Water Tower to the corner of the Bridge and Dreamchasers for a cirlcle up.

20-Imperial Walkers

20-Mountain Climbers

20-heals to heaven

The Thang:

After and exchange of Good mornings and a good warm up that didn’t include any SSH’s, we started with a light pole run starting at dreamchasers and ending at the of other end of the street. One light pole was 10 merkins and next light pole was 10 squats. When done some went back for the six while the rest of the PAX grabbed some wall to do dips. The Q then realized he lost his weinke during the exercise. I felt my backside pucker as I didn’t want to forget any part of the workout. How was this to turn out? Only 1 way to find out. Keep pressing the group forward.

Once the six was in we moseyed back to the water tower to get set for 4 laps of 4 corners. First corner was holding squat while giving 20 jab punches. Damascus’s  ears perked up when the Q said it will be 20 for each arm and the rest of the PAX knew they were in for a treat based off facial expressions. Second corner was 20 dry docks. Then after running up the hill to the third corner, you did 20 plyometric hand slap jumps. Judging by the groans at the end this was the majorities favorite. The final corner was 20 plank jacks. There was no catching your breath with SSH’s on this rotation. The PAX did a great job finishing the set and the six was not far behind the pack. This wore everyone out. The Q was feeling good at this point about the workout.

With 15 minutes left and the PAX looking for a break we took a 10 count. After that it was to the bottom of the hill!! I knew the PAX was winded when I could hear faint gripes in the wind. At the bottom of the hill we partnered up with a lifting rock. First set, one ran the hill while the partner did curls until he returned. The next set was the hill while the partner did triceps. This set off Recalculating to yell in a whining tone, “We did this yesterday!” With a quick reply from the Q, “Deal with it!!” The Q felt this banter energized the PAX and we finished strong with one last set of hill-runs mixed with squat thrusters.

By this time, everyone was spent. We moseyed or in some cases walked (Moneyball) back to the water tower for circle. The day was capped by a picture of the white t-shirt crew. In the excitement of a very successful VQ, the Q left his phone on the back of Southern Belles truck which fell of half way home on the side of the road. The Q used the kids Ipad and the find my Iphone function to locate the phone.



Happy Hour tonight 7pm at East Coast Wings. Come, Eat, Drink, and be Merry so Briarcrest can win the weight loss challenge

Q school is this Saturday from 630-830 at Cuthbertson Middle. It will comprise of a light 1-hour workout followed by a review of Q documentation. If you are thinking of Q-ing or only Q’ed a couple times this class is for you.

Remember to collect hotel toiletries for the “Shampoo Crew”

Finally, let’s remember to exercise patience today at work and at home as we never know where others journey is taking them from day to day.


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