Am I Allowed to Break the Rules?…..Nope

Am I Allowed to Break the Rules?…..Nope

A rather large crowd joined me today at The Floater. 25 PAX in total. Hadn’t been out since my last Q months ago and the crowd has definitely increased in numbers since that time.

Pull up with 2 minutes to spare, crew seems ready, weigh ins completed and away we went.

Warm Up:

Mosey the long way over to a church parking lot.

Plank-then all IC: MC x 10, Merkins x 9, Peter Parker x 10, Plank Jacks x 10, Merkins x 11

The Thang:

Run back close to where we came; 8 CDD at every street (32); dips 25 IC while we wait for the 6

Then IC: dips x8, Step Ups x10, Derkins x12, Step ups x10

Run to Brevard St. at S. Providence School; couple more 8x CDD; while we wait plank series, 6 inches, etc; 6 inch plank jacks IC x 10

Down Brevard to first intersection, 8 HR Merkins, 8 Jump Squats, back to start; Then up Brevard to next intersection, repeat series; Then down Brevard to Waxhaw maintenance dept; HR Merkins x 16, Jump squats x16; up to Hwy 75; repeat;  Mary, squats, etc waiting for the 6

Mosey to Waxhaw Womens Club (WWC) parking lot-Dolly x 10 IC , American Hammer x 10 IC–

Train alert-10 Burpees in 1 minute increments until train passed; Completed at least 50 in total, lost count as I was going deaf

Mosey back to start-Freddy Mercury IC x20; Merkins IC x 10; LBC  IC x 20; Merkins IC x 10


We began to hear the train whistle midway through the workout. Everyone, including YHC, was hoping that it would just go away. At the WWC, that distinct sound had become much louder. Apparently there is a rule here where if the train comes by, you complete burpees until it passes (since the AO is literally 50 feet from the tracks).  I looked around and noticed many sad faces so for the PAX sake and being the nice guy that I am, I stared at one of the site Q’s Moneyball and asked if I was allowed to break the rules and not do the burpees. Rather the awesome little fun exercise I had planned which did not include them.  He emphatically said No.  So we did burpees while the longest train ever to come through Waxhaw passed.   Fantastic.  See I am a rule follower, although I saw a lot of refuseniks out there during this portion of the workout.  Blame the site Q’s.

Thanks for the invite,  Good to see some new faces around.  Keep coming out, you’ll get faster and stronger.   Familiar faces out front leading the PAX, you know who you are.

And…rumor has it that one of the PAX was wearing a thong. A very thorough, meme filled, and time consuming investigation is currently underway (for clarification of course).


Big 10 on Q tomorrow-wear college colors

Rubbermaid turned 50 today (hid it until COT). Recalculating announced that he was 49 and not one PAX noticed.

Flash Monday-Late start 6:30

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