Fuze Box is 35

Fuze Box is 35

24 PAX posted on a beautiful Monday morning to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the birth of the one and only Fuse Box (although most didn’t realize it until the COT).


The Warm-Up

  • Quick stroll around the parking lot
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers IC
  • Calf Stretching
  • 10 Merkins IC


The Thang

  1. Mosey to path leading to Transporter’s Shed
    • Run forward 2 lights = 5 burpees
    • Run back 1 light = 10 jump squats)
    • Continue all the way to Transporter’s Shed
    • Circle back to 6
  2. Mosey to Shed
    • Mike Tyson/ Donkey Kick Jack Webbs
    • YHC had to call an audible and cut this one off at 5 as the PAX were beginning to revolt after starting the day with burpees
  3. Mosey to bus line
    • 10 jump lunges at each bus
    • Apparently UCPS decided to bring all the UC buses to Cuthbertson for staging today as there were so many that YHC lost count
    • Yet another crowd pleaser
  4. Mosey to Circle by football field – Partner Up
    • Partner 1 = AMRAP supines
    • Partner 2 = run loop
    • 1 lap each w/ 10 hand-slap merkins at each transition
  5. Mosey to front of MS – parking lot suicides
  6. Jail break to start
  7. COT
  8. 3.5 (2 real + 1 Aussie) burpees by everyone in celebration of Fuse Box’s b-day



  • Respect to Butt Fumble who despite spilling his merlot at the circle, completed the workout.  There was a rumor that YHC made some disparaging remark about Patriots kicking Jet butts, and some snappy comeback from Butt Fumble around cheating, but it’s not on film or the internet and therefore could not be true…  If it did happen, YHC’s comment would have been purely part of friendly banter with no disrespect intended…
  • All PAX pushed hard this morning as this was not an easy workout.
  • As usual, Good Fella and Hollywood are untouchable, but Easy Button is starting to close the gap.
  • Dough Boy continues to get faster despite claiming to have packed on a newly found 5 lbs.



  • Happy Birthday Fuse Box
  • Sanctuary – Monday night, 7:30 at Brooklyn Pizza – Studying the Parables
  • Gator Cub on Q Friday – Cuthbertson MS
  • Dromedary Wednesday – Marvin Ridge HS

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