Wall Walkers What?

  • When:06/20/14
  • QIC: Escargot
  • The PAX: Loogey, Mic Check, Snowflake WD, Champagne, Purple Haze, Hannibal, Swanson, Cain, Tooty, Mermaid, Ribeye, Jamboree, Rip Roll, Teddy, Philmont, Madam Tussaud, Soft Pretzel, Abacus, Mighty Mite, Hops, Scabby

Wall Walkers What?

22 Men were victorious in the battle against the fartsack and posted strong at the Centurion. YHC is still trying to recover from his own punishment. T-Claps to the men who continue to push themselves every week with the pre-KB workout. A line must be drawn somewhere on sleep deprivation, YHC’s feet have not yet made that step in the sand.
The Thang;
Mosey around the football field to the warm-up lot.
Imperial Walkers-25

Mosey to the most recent of many new pain stations introduced to the Centurion Pax. (Accepting name suggestions)
5 laps around the apartment entrance with Merkins increasing in increments of 5.
Mosey to the school entrance for much loved wall walk, bear crawl, lunge walk circuit. (3 loops)
Two sessions of peoples chair.
(Edited) Grab a bench for 11’s with dips and step ups.
One trip down and back on the parking lot with 5 burpees at each island.
Circle up for some Mary.
Flutters-20 HOLD
Knee Ups-10
Rosalitas-20 HOLD
Recover and jail break to the COT

Jury is still out on the new pain station. I was hesitant to smoke myself and have to hand off the Q, but I am sure it will not be our last trip over there.

Cain mentioned that the wall walkers were not quite as difficult as they were a year ago, my sentiments are actually the exact opposite.

Great work by the entire Pax today. It is an honor to lead and be led by the entire F3nation. Our families and our communities rely on our strength physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. We will soon need additional Qs on the schedule, let’s get some new names on the list. Next week we have Purple Haze, so it might be safe to say we will visit good old Palatine Hill.

F3 Dads launches at Col. Beatty Park on Saturday June 21 at 0900. All 2.0s are welcome!

New South Charlotte School Tutoring Program – Any PAX interested helping with setting up and running a tutoring program in Area 51, can contact Champagne (Brett Briggs) at bdbriggs@gmail.com

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9 years ago

Strong beatdown Escargot!
Wall walk may always be #memorable, but rarely enjoyable. Can’t wait for next one.
New pain loop is definitely worth keeping in the mix.
Excellent Q –
Public Service Announcement:
Tooty- put those gloves to rest! #fragrant

Reply to  Snowflake
9 years ago

Aye Snowflake – those gloves were beyond nasty. Abacus, that may have been what you smelled instead of the trash during people’s chair.
Also, Escargot, you left off the 11’s you had us do after the wall walks, Dips/Step ups. I think Hops and I picked the tallest bench available.

9 years ago

Name suggestions for new pain station: Short Track, The Cauldron
Good Q Escargot

9 years ago

The metro pax never complained so much about the stench, but then again, that could be because they have all been sniffing paint fumes so their sense of smell may not be as strong as Area 51’s. However, the stench of the gloves is still on my hands, so I agree it’s time to put them out to pasture, especially since my dog refuses to get within 15 feet of them.

Great Q by both Abacus (pre-workout KB) and Escargot. Enjoyed the 3rdF as well at Panera.

Reply to  Tootie
9 years ago

Tootie, those gloves were awful. My Gag reflex was kicking in. I thought my gloves smelled and put them to the side. Escargot calls for 11s, I took a deep breath of O2 only to be met by the stench, my eyes started watering the initial sensation of a dry heaving commenced. Awful, I soon realized the funk was being emitted from those gloves. Holy Moly. Go to Mudgear now and purchase new ones. I am thinking name change or name add-on Tootie aka GloveFunk. Open to the possibilites.

9 years ago

Escargot, the new pain station was great.Fast and quick like the old one loop roller coaster at Carowinds called White Lighting. Also like a roller derby rink, Kate’s Skating Rink.

9 years ago

Rename for Tooty to “Smell the Glove” (Spinal Tap)

9 years ago

Tootie, since you have retired the gloves, you are welcome back anytime!
Next week Purple Haze will dish the pain, and there has been plenty of #firewood flying between some of the Pax, so plan accordingly.

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