100 Pyramids of Pain

100 Pyramids of Pain

The nightly pre-blast showed concerns as many of the pax were grunting about the weather being cold, slight aches and pains or whatever was up their craw! But alas, we had 6 pax show up, one came in hot Off-Roading! not sure if that was on purpose or because he may have missed the initial turn.. Either way, the other 5 of us were wincing and bracing for impact!

Oh yeah, We had a Kotter!!! Welcome back Long Haul! Been a while, keep showing up buddy!

while we waited for said HIM to get near, quick DICCS and then mosey.


figured to get a slightly longer mosey in to warm up the bodies then settle in for quick: SSH/IP/shoulder stretch/Little arm circles/Pickers/Calf/Runner stretch/up dog/down dog


head to the rock pile for your favorite coupon, bring to back nine for future use. This was a pretty simple set to go by, pyramid of exercises with all PAX in a circle. each pax in order does one rep to the next pax until we finish. Simple concept with a lot of counting. Between each exercise, run a lap or two around the fairway.

  • Burpees x100
  • Merkins x200
  • LBC x300
  • Curls x300
  • Squat Thruster x200
  • Merkins x200
  • Burpees x100

We learned that while there seems to be a break between reps, you end up feelin an incredible burn, especially planking while waiting on Merkins. Poor Twinkle toes picked a bad day to have a sore shoulder, but he was able to modify.

Surprisingly didnt need to audible or add as this brought us right to time. We dropped of the rock, headed to COT and did a few Fiji Fast feet for the last 20 seconds.


While the Pax heard the initial workout, there was a ton of grunting. By the end, all seemed pleased with the results. We may see this again sometime.  As with many Bushwood workouts, we were able to chill out with some tunes in the background Via XM Lithium.


  • OneStar had a birthday yesterday- Happy birthday fella!
  • Noonans Birthday is tomorrow, so he was voluntold to Birthday Q Dromedary! (we may see the Pyramid of pain V2 tomorrow)
  • Dredd is on Q at Cutty Friday, so Last Call will be closed to converge.


Just a quick word from YHC being Downrange the last two weeks: work schedules can make things hectic and routines can easily get thwarted. I was able to contact the three locations I was heading to in advance and see what the schedules were. The guys in Bentonville were awesome! they did not have a Wednesday workout, but Stoner and Nomad decided to have a Black Ops since I was in town. They got 11 Pax out in the cold rain for a killer workout. Also was initiated into some high octane 2ndF brew..

The following week was in St. louis and KC. I contacted Cold Call, little did I know the Citadel in Saint Charles (STL Mo) was having their 1 Year Anny of an AO. This brought out a huge 33 PAX led By Curd With tons of coupon work. I was pretty beat afterwards, and these guys had the 2nd F coffeteria ready to roll following!

I ended up back with these guys on Thursday Morning again for Veterans day with another big turnout of 22 PAX for the Whitten 22 workout in the rain by Majorette with Coupon. Again followed by 2ndF coffeteria.

Sandwiched between those was a trip to KC’s Overland Park “The Woods” for a little more intimate 7 Pax. D-minus a young college kid led the Q (again with a  coupon) where we circled for different exercises and had a decent amount of running. They had a RRR that was killing it with the regular Crew-Way to go Sparty! I ended up heading to their convergence 2ndF at the Panera where I met a handful more.

The point here for me was that while work travel can suck, especially on your own, its great to know the F3 community is strong and of all things inviting. It was amazing to see how I was treated in all three communities and how everyone was excited to hear tales from other regions. Its what makes this what it is. I would encourage all of you to check this out, whether on vacation or work travel. Its well worth it.

Thanks to the crews at Northwest Arkansas, Saint Charles, and Overland Park for having me.



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