No Q-Jack, just some BOMBS Jack!

No Q-Jack, just some BOMBS Jack!

11 pax made their way out to Bushwood today to freeze their butts off with One Star volunteering last night to be at the Helm. So you know he was likely making it up on the fly! But we love it and definitely joke about it!

Slightly longer mosey to get everyone warm


Mosey with side step the parking lines

  • Peter Parker
  • Up/Down dog with Calf stretch
  • Wide leg Merkin
  • Low Slow Squat -Narrow/regular/wide


BOMBS from down range. 5 stations 1 reps, after each station runt to middle and do one burpee.

  • Burpees 18
  • Over head press 18 IC (or x3 if you will)
  • Merkin x 18
  • Big Boi x18
  • Squats x 18

Head to rock pile, Partner up as we go to the short track. AMRAP while partner ran to wall and did 10 donkeys. flip flop. Curls/Overhead press/Tri/Bent rows

Head to the Front wall with Partner. Wall exercise while other partner bear crawls to curb then lunge walks back. Presses/Jabs/Donkey Kicks.

Finish with Story time with Ross…I mean One Star. Wall sit while each pax alternates Balls to the Wall and explains how they got their F3 name!  We just about finished right before YHC got his chance.. Sorry fellas, yuo’ll have to wait till next week to find out How I got the name Tanyatine!



most of us were freezing, but were glad the wind had decided to take a nap today, otherwise it may have been trouble. Its time to bring out the insulated gloves, just in time to put them away as a heatwave will be coming through. YHC overheard Twinkle toes lookign to see if he can reach @ 140 post this year, so I have to write the BB for him to get credit. I know you have missed a couple posts counts from some that have not written a BB at Bushwood…Is there a Back Blast School??!!

Welcome Rainman to your first Bushwood post… Sorry we didn’t have tunes for you.. Definitely sorry, yup, definitely sorry…Maybe next time next time. big ben

We had some discussion as Bushwoods own The Juice had some sad news last week that his father had passed from ALS, so keep his family in your prayers as I am sure it is difficult time much less around the holidays.

As we end Movember for Mens health, Johnny Utah reminded us yesterday at Firestarter to keep his friend Rick  in our prayers as battles Colon cancer.  My family has been affected with this and it really is awful to go through or see a loved one or friend go through. I continually remind everyone and highly recommend getting checked out. YHC will be getting my 3rd scope tomorrow in the last 7 years as a preventive measure. This year is a little different as I  know I am at the age where my Brother was diagnosed.  So quick prayer for that if you will that all is clean, and that I can get through the prep!! While I know it sucks, trust me, the alternative is worse.


  • Zins gift exchange
  • Impact 5k
  • Sock Donations to Twinkle toes for needy

PS,  I was able to get into my car a few minutes after the PAX left as lately my keys have not been happy with the cold weather and decide to not want to work until they get nice and toasty.. so quick tip if you FOB decides to crap out, warm it up a little or open it up and just warm the battery.. That Tanya’s tip of the season!

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