Monthly Archive November 2021

Is it over yet?

A cool 37 degrees this morning. YHC gave the standard disclaimer and bolted like we were leaving a crime scene. 


The Thang

Moseyed to 131 for warm up. SSH, IW, low slow squats, and merkins. 

Moseyed up Blakeney Heath to the play structure. 

20 minute AMRAP consisting of:

5x pull up

10x merkin

15x squat

Mosey back to the wall at the J. Jill storefront for some “over the wall”. On call, jump over the wall and do 5x burpees. Three rounds done.

Mosey back for a total of 1.3 miles. Mary to time.



This was a grind. The goal is to use it as a benchmark to see how many more rounds we can each do next time. Though most of us lost the exact count, Wingman and War Eagle led the pack at 18 & 19 rounds. Rousey pointed out that we needed a soundtrack for the AMRAP. War Eagle started us off with his rendition of crash test dummies, but Rousey cut that short with his best “too legit, too legit to quit”! At least no one started singing a BTS song. OneStar and Noonan moved the mublechatter on to the dumpster fire that is the Panthers offence.



Holiday Party 11/19 at Old Meck. Bring gently used or new children’s toy(s) or clothing for Escobar’s operation to send to children in Colombia. 

ImpactLocal 5K on 12/4. Sign up is live. See slack for details.

SOB beer run in the late planning stages for February. Details to follow. 

5 years of F3 goes quick

One pre-runner (Lex) was out doing his thing when YHC arrived to prepare for the Q.  Having received a text from a HC that he wouldn’t be attending (Mary Kay) a new game plan was needed due to making accommodations for said HC.  Having time to reflect on the past 5 years I have realized the growth I have made both in fitness (tough to tell right now) and in community thanks to F3.  It’s been a while since I have Qd so as the PAX gathered and it was time to give a disclaimer a terrible one was given… but we were off.


Mosey down the hill a couple parking lots from launch and warmup in cadence – 9 SSHs, 9 Low not-so-slow Squats, 9 ‘Merkins, 9 Mountain Climbers, 9 Imperial Walkers… a very astute War Eagle asked if the count was 9 because of Wake Forest’s current CFP rankings… that would be a resounding YES.  Have to get it in while I can.

Mosey over to Sabor parking lot for a sequence of over-the-wall run to curb and 10 Carolina Dry Docks… 5 times.

Mosey back to launch to drop Lex off so he could get to his Q at DaVinci – thanks for the support as always Lex.

Mosey again down to the rock pile by Lock Ness for a lifting rock – one stop on the way for some LBCs.  Carry lifting to side lot by Campbells – War Eagle took YHC at his word to pick a lifting rock – OUCH!  2 different ladders of exercise with a run to the wall and back.
1 – curl/press/triceps all in one rep 10 times, then 20, then 30
2 – squats and lunges were next – 10, 20, 30 – at first YHC called each leg on lunges and quickly realized that was aggressive and dialed that back

Mosey over to the fountain in front of Campbells for 10 dips, run up Bagpipe Hill to bridge, and 50 LBCs – 3 times

Mosey back to rocks and carry them back to rock pile to put rocks back.  Mosey back to launch for some around the horn Mary – Loogie with Chippycross, Tolkein with Makhtar N’Diayes, War Eagle with JLos, MicCheck with hip taps, and YHC with Freddy Mercurys.  YHC tried to call the workout but Nantan corrected me that there were 30 seconds left… so we did dying cockroaches until time.


Announcements – Holiday Party Nov 19th at Olde Meck, Escobar’s clothes drive, Impact Local 5k

Options are good when the plan is a 45 minute COP

10 pax took on the first cold morning of the fall with gusto.      Prohibition had not been to Centurion since Covid forced us off CCHS campus (and by the looks hadn’t posted since pre-Covid anywhere).  Waffle House came in short sleeve shirt and no gloves – I guess the fuel at Waffle House keeps one warm a long time.

As YHC has an ankle ravaged by gout but needed to get out of the fartsack, I chose a plan, unconventional for sure, that was adapted for my ailment but also allowed the PAX OPTIONS.

COP – We did 45 minutes of typical COP exercises plus some ridiculous modified bear crawl called by Point Break.   However, each time YHC yelled Option, pax could decide to stay in COP or run to Cabo at other end of shopping center and back.  If I yelled Option Belding then the PAX followed Dr Belding to the hill behind the shopping center for some work (I have no idea what since I didn’t leave COP).

Naked Moleskin

I appreciate the PAX allowing me to Q a workout that involved zero running (if you chose that Opion).   Emoji and Snowflake evidently also have gout as they stayed with me for most if not all of the 45 minutes.  Either that or they just love me and didn’t want me to be by myself.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead at Centurion where long, long ago (maybe 20 years) I was site Q.

No Regerts for posting at Kevlar

I got a text at 10 something last night as Hoover had to back out of his Q as his Tatt Doctor (not sure what these guys are called) said it was too soon for his freshly laid ink to be subjected to anything that includes the word(s): Monkey Humper, Tunnel Of Love, Honeymooners or BJs. Just added that last one to make sure you’re paying attention. For the record we do not have an exercise called a BJ (yet)


……..but I know you just tried to come up with one. You’re disgusting.


6 showed up – Baracus, Ductwork, Cage, BLC, Horsehead and YHC


Boring Part (AKA, the Thang)

  • 1.5ish mile warmup run to kill time
  • Jump squats at each light post
  • Plyometric partner work
  • Hill stuff
  • Partner rock stuff
  • 5 straight mins of plank stuff



  • Speculation ensued regarding what Hoover’s new tattoo was. Apparently Horsehead was hopeful he was revising a sad cat tattoo that he has somewhere – apparently I haven’t seen much of Hoover’s body as I’ve never seen this. Lord knows the man has enough space for at least 1,000 tattoos. I suggested that he got a tattoo of Horsehead’s face and HH approved, although was concerned where his face might end up.
  • There was some talk of moonshine and BLC yelling about needing some but I missed this conversation. Sounded really important so please fill me in.
  • Baracus and Ductwork continue to lead the “Great Discus Exodus” and drive the extra 4 minutes and 18 seconds to Kevlar. I think we’re building something big over here so don’t miss your opportunity to get on the ground level of the Kevlar renaissance. If you are addicted to Ultimate and feel like Covenant Eyes isn’t enough to stop you from watching highlight reels of slightly above average athletes play in front of 10s and 10s of fans then make your way over to Kevlar on Friday mornings and we’ll help.
  • Cage and BLC started behind in the warmup run and then ended up leading at the end
  • Ductwork has been pushing through a nasty collarbone break/surgery and is still crushing it and barely modifying


Slow and easy workout this morning, plenty of chatter to go around, great group of guys too.


Don’t forget to keep pushing guys to come out. As it gets colder lots of dudes drop off so don’t forget to keep on them and check in once in a while. A few weeks back I was slacking like crazy and Madison sent me a note asking why I hadn’t been posting – I went for a run that afternoon and then got back in the groove, but not without a push.