Great Faces and Gobbler Squats

Great Faces and Gobbler Squats

12 Pax layered up and braved temps in the 20’s to push themselves in preparation for Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow.  Prior to the workout 8 guys took part in the Couch 2 5K pre-run led by Tuck.  Seeing as this is the next to last training session prior to the ImpactLocal race it was time to ramp up the running and Tuck delivered with hill repeats up and down the Murderhorn.  The highlight was as Tuck told the group this plan at the beginning of the session Cold Cuts, who was attending his first C2 5K training, fussed at Picasso, “You said that this was a pre-run where we would just mosey around the shopping center”.  In Picasso’s defense that was what the first couple of sessions were but now we are full-fledged kinda runners.

The Thang:

5:30 so time for the main event.  YHC had a preview of what Tuck had planned so I planned my workout accordingly.  The running would be kept relatively low but still ever present so as to build upon the pre-run.  A disclaimer was given and off to the HT parking lot for warmups consisting of SSH, mashed potato pickers, IW’s, Mtn Climbers and stretching.  YHC noted that the workout would consist of Thanksgiving references sprinkled about so we led off with an Indian/Native American/Indigenous Peoples Run to the light by the Chick Fil A.  Next stop was the parking deck.  Since it took the Mayflower 66 days to cross the Atlantic we used loose math to do 11 pilgrim pushups at the bottom, up the stairs to the top level for 11 turducken kicks  and repeato for 6 sets.

Next off to Plymouth Rock which was the big boulders by the office complex along Ballantyne Commons.  The group was instructed to break into groups of 3 for a Thanksgiving grinder where 2 of the 3 Pax grab a rock.  P1 does curls while P2 heads to the end of the parking lot for LBC’s.  P3 is the timekeeper by walking from P1 to P2 holding the rock over their heads for musket carry.  Keep rotating.  We did this for 400 seconds in honor of the 400th anniversary of the first ever Thanksgiving.  A couple of extra minutes left so we did another partial round of gobbler squats, dying cockroaches and musket carry.

Mosey back to launch.  A couple of minutes left for heels to heaven, chippy cross and a minute of Planksgiving.


Great group who made it a fun workout.  Apparently where I thought Gobbler Squats was a clever play on words but Picasso noted that I should probably Google it and not on my work computer.  YHC stopped by prior to the workout and put a sign on the boulder that said “Plymouth” thinking it would be a mildly humerous take.  Olaf sarcastically laughed and then promptly almost ate it tripping over a speed bump…Karma.  Also, when YHC stopped to put the Plymouth sign up it was noticed that there was a pretty large water pipe break and there was lots of water in the parking lot.  Good thing the lot is a square and we could easily modify to move the grinder to another stretch opposite Plymouth Rock.  Overall YHC tried to bring some Thanksgiving spirit to the workout but apparently failed because Jerry World asked as we headed home, “What was the theme or point of that workout?”  🙂


  • 6th annual Turkey Jam Thanksgiving morning at 6:30 behind the Improper Pig at Rea Farms.
  • ImpactLocal 5k/10k on 12/4.  Get those sign ups in as Saturday is the last day for t-shirt orders.
  • Escobar’s clothes and toy drive for children in Colombia, South America is ongoing.  Bring any to the workout and give to the site Q for getting to War Eagle.
  • The Maul needs Q’s for December
  • Congrats to Odd Job for getting engaged over the weekend.

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