Check Your Splits

Check Your Splits

Couch to 5K training took another step forward today at the Maul.  8 PAX for 1.5 mile pre-run and 14 enjoyed the addition of interval training to a bootcamp.

Warm-Up: Disclaimer given and circle up for 20 SSH, 15 IW, 10 merkins, 20 MCs, and 10 low/slow squats, all IC.

Thang: YHC tracked 400 meters or ~.25 miles on the watch.  PAX were instructed to run their 5K pace which of course was rejected in favor of faster! 3 intervals with ~2 minutes of Mary recovery in between.  Great to see guys give it their all and keep track of their splits to chat about later.  Rousey and Wingman had a couple strong runs and DL showed up big on the last one.

Mosey to St Matt’s with two stops for merkins IC x 10.  At the church, select a rock and form a circle.  PAX choice as we went around for rock lifting exercise mixed with called exercises from YHC to keep the heart rate up.  I can’t remember everyone’s but want to highlight two of them:

  1. Odd job calling the alternate hand merkins and then destroying everyone with his speed and endurance for it.  Awesome job!
  2. Jerry World called the partner rock twists which were a great and difficult exercise.  A definite keeper.

Put the rocks back then mosey back to almost launch.  Find the steep hill close by and AMRAP hill sprints with 10 merkins at the bottom.  Left enough time for about 3-4 rounds of Mary.

Announcements:  B-L-O-O-D D-R-I-V-E.  Seriously if you are able please give.  Sounds like we are short at this point.  Pre-Runs will continue at the Maul to keep preparing for Impact Local 5k which is….December 4!  Happy Hour next Thursday.

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