Grinding Bricks

Grinding Bricks

10 guys came out in the swamp to sweat.  I teased that we would find some open gates.  I arrived early to confirm said gates were open (and they were).  DiCCS.  Lets Go.


Lap around the front on the school.  Grab a straggler along the way.  Circle up for:

  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • Downward Dog
  • 15 Peter Parkers
  • Calf Stretch
  • Jimmy Duggan with some lefts, rights, and leans



Mosey halfway up the entrance hill and team up into groups of three for a Grinder on the hill.   Dealers choice at the top of the hill between squats and LBC’s.  Runner in between.  Inch Worm Merkins starting at the bottom of the hill and going up the hill with the caveat that the further you went up the hill, the less you then had to run.  Three rounds.   Recover at the top of the hill.

Mosey down Deal road towards the gravel athletic fields back entrance.  Stop at the gate for 20 fence squat jumps.  Some confusion as to if I said 20 or 25.  I must have been in a good mood as I kept the count at 20 after being asked twice if it was 25.

Mosey to the brick pile and partner up.  Called out three teams to grab the bigger bricks.  Partners shared 100 each of front raise, side raise, reverse fly, and overhead press while the other partner ran to the lower gate and back.   Due to time I audibled the side raises and reverse fly’s to 75.  We didn’t have time to get to the over head presses.

Mosey back towards COT with collection exercises along the way including squats and LBC’s.

Arrive to COT with 45 seconds to spare – gas pumpers until time (Mad dog took the gas pumper a little too literally).



  • Chastain and I break down the workout for the Q School into quarters to help new Q’s plan their Wienke.  There is time for a warm up plus three groupings of exercises.  Some how today I didn’t have time for a short warm up and just two groupings.   Not sure where our time ran off to…I’m guessing the grinder on the hill took longer than expected and the run to the brick pile was longer…but still….it felt like a quick workout to me.  I glanced at the watch while doing bricks to see 6:05 and had a quick oh shit moment.  The watch watchers were quick to remind me we only had 7 minutes to get back to COT (how slow do yall think you run?).  We of course kept doing brick work another 2 minutes then worked out way back and still arrived 45 seconds early.
  • Rudy doing Rudy things while checking with the Q on future location to slip out for a bear in the woods moment.
  • Everyone busting hard today.  Almost went with the title no rest for the weary.  We were all drenched at COT.  Probably more to do with the humidity than the workout.  Bricks for Dicks was also in contention for a name.
  • Ex-Lax and Damascus deep in hunting discussions throughout the workout.  A new power couple in the making?  Perhaps they find a third wheel to make a run at the LRC threesome title? (Am I desperate to create Effee material when there is nothing there….Yes I am.  Just ask Mad Dog about his whale tail moment at Floater 3 years ago).
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead Ricky Bobbie (Boobie?) and Schneider (Schnyder, Schnieder, ShaynIdar?).  I haven’t Q’ed watchtower in a while and must admit, I love the Weddington campus much more than new town.  Lots more options over there.  Maybe a permanent stay???



  • Cross Country Trail clean up this Saturday at Cuthbertson Middle starting at 8:00 am.  Bring rakes, shovels, wheel barrows, loppers, blowers, ect.
  • Christ Closet pick up on Saturday in Pineville at Noon.  Unloading an entire house so need some man power to load trailers at the house and then unload at Christ Closet.
  • Q Bites covering the question “Is F3 truly open to all men?” on Monday.  Recent examples from F3 Princeton and the twitter backlashed they received for a Pride Q.  (Hint: Slaughter and Dark Helmet stepped in and reaffirmed that F3 is open to ALL men).  But while we are open to all men, are we welcoming to all men?  Are we being proactive in inviting ALL men to help diversify our group.

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