Bezo’s Penis Rocket

Bezo’s Penis Rocket

DICCS given and everything covered

Warm up

Mosey up to entrance of the school

10- SSH

Jimmy Dungan stretch into plank

Runners pose right arm high and left arm high

Single leg slow motion speed skater 10 each leg- proper form ( Recalculating was happy)

Single leg 1/2 squat and other foot out in front for 10 taps- flap jack

Chatter about how Jeff Bezos Rocket was a success but looked like A DAMN FLYING PENIS!!! AWESOMENESS

single leg 1/2 squat and other foot out to left for 10 tabs – flap jack

Mosey to front on school long road

The Thang

each light complete 1 burpee and 1 bomb jack ( total of 4 lights ) and add 1 of each at each light.

At traffic circle up for slide over merkins

7 to the right – 7 to the left/ 5 to the right- 5 to the left / 3 to the right and 3 to the left.

Rinse repeat burpee/bomb jacks at each light pole on way back to front of school.

Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock and head to top of parking lot of four corners

At top in the middle complete 30 curls or 20 overhead press with rock then run to a corner of your choice for the below exercise and come back to middle each time for rock work– Complete two full rounds

corner 1 and 2= 10 Bonnie Blairs ( 2 is 1)

corner 3 and 4= 10 Bomb Jacks

Grab rock and rifle carry between speed bump and sprint back to start and mosey back

Rifle carry from speed bump to curve and sprint back to speed bump and mosey to curve

Rifle carry down hill to end of lot sprint back to start and mosey back.

Rifle carry across the whole parking lot and return your rock

Mosey back to COT.


I do not post/Q much at Dromedary but every time I do I enjoy this site as it has a great campus and great group of HIMS that show up. Today was no different we had a great group that pushed themselves and others while having some good banter. I appreciate Premature asking/making me Q over here today even though it cost me a full tank of gas, cost me breakfast and lunch money for 0-69 and Schneider since we had to stop two times, and cost me much needed beauty sleep.hahah


  • Enjoy the moment-lots of sad news today at COT– you never when your time or someone you knows time is up.
  • Keep Rubbermaid and his family in your thoughts- he lost his brother
  • Keep Mayhems brother (Ken) and his family in your thoughts- struggling and was getting help in Texas for sobriety- returning this week
  •  Keep pushing to help Black Hawk get its feet off the ground– Judge Smail on Q this Saturday
  • Off the Chain- Tonight 6pm Walnut Creek– Reach out to Rockwell if interested.
  • Prayers for Nancy at a local senior center- battling cancer.
  • Good News for Johnny Utah’s daughter the scopes came back negative but still trying to nail down what is causing the pain- continue prayers– Also needs prayers for a brother of Johnny Utah’s buddy Rick Jordan who is dealing with Colon Cancer..
  • Thanks Johnny Utah for taking us out
  • O69 does not remember is age during NameArama…




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