(Insert clever title based on a 3 humped camel)

(Insert clever title based on a 3 humped camel)

75th Q – Dromedary – July 14th

I stole Carb Load’s Q after pleading with him, unbeknownst to the Site Q’s, but for what I could excuse as good intention aka my 75th Q. Is 75 a reasonable milestone to steal for? Who knows but anything to upset Posse…

I mixed and mashed a couple weinkes ahead of time, arrived early for some stretching and then we were off. Real nice DiCCS given while looking at each pax right in the eyeballs. Let’s roll…


Mosey Around the Lot and circle up:

  1. 75 x SSH CC
  2. 15 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC
  3. 15 x Imperial Walker  IC
  4. 15 x LS Squats IC
  5. Jimmy Dugan
  6. Calf Stretch
  7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey and circle up at the globe for Lt Dan Webb. 1 x Squat, 4 x Jump Lunges. 5 rounds completed

Mosey to small lot and circle up. Dissected Burpee Station. Instead of 10 burpees a minute for 3 minutes:

  • 10 x Merkins
  • 10 x In & Outs
  • 10 x Squats
  • 10 x Bobby Hurleys
  • Changed the last two after round 1 to 10 x Jump Squats

Mosey to school loop and pair up. Partner 1 does a hot lap, while partner 2 completes:

  • 200 x Dips
  • 150 x Big Boy Situps
  • 100 x Donkey Kicks

10 count and then Mosey to little alley way at the bottom of the hill.

  1. 40 second side plank
  2. 40 second side plank
  3. 40 second elbow plank
  4. 40 x Plank Jacks IC
  5. 20 x LBCs IC
  6. 10sec of rest
  7. 40 second side plank
  8. 40 second side plank
  9. 40 second elbow plank
  10. 20 x LBCs IC
  11. 10 x 6” plank jacks IC

Longish mosey back to COT and complete rounds 6 & 7 of Lt Dan. JWow led 10 x true V-Ups. I closed with 10 x Heels 2 Heaven IC

And that’s a wrap…


I’m done with these stupid injuries but had my first round of PT last week. Got my fingers crossed for a faster recovery. Thanks to all then pax that joined, it’s always a pleasure to lead.

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