Remembering my Father

Remembering my Father

t’s been 1 year since my Father passed away and yesterday the thought of honoring him by Qing a workout flashed my thought. Reached out to Ricky Bobby and Schneider. Thank you both for the opportunity.

My Father was 76 when he passed away on the 6th of July last year. So the rep number was 76.

Disclaimer given. Let’s mossey. Run up to deal road and return back middle school drop off.

20 SSH

20 Imperial walkers

20 Low slow squats

16 Moroccan nigh clubs flooded by Stretching.

The Thang:

Grab a lifting rock and riffle carry to elementary school drop off point. Do one of the following exercise and run a lap around the student drop off loop.

20 Curls

20 over head presses.

20 Bent over lifts.

16 Biceps lift.

Everyone is now warmed up for the burpies.

10 Burpies a minute. Repeat 7 times and then Finish with 6 burpies.

Run back to middle school entrance. Do one of the following exercise and run a lap around the student drop off loop

20 Big bois

20 LBC

20 Merkins

16 Flutters.

40 air presses and 36 jabs.

Form 2 teams and Indian run to Deal road. Mary with 40 American hammers, 20 LBC and 16 heals to heave. Indian run back to middle school entrance. Mary and it’s time.


Fantastic group of PAX this morning. Everyone rallied around me and pushed themselves. Amazing support.

Welcome FNG Jaison (Beaker)

It’s been a tough year with loss of my Father. Joined F3 at the end of July last year. F3 has provided so much support through out last year. It would have been tough without F3. Seeing you all every morning brings a fresh start. Not able to express my thoughts fully here. Thank you everyone.

YHC took us out.

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