TBD: Who draws the short straws?

TBD: Who draws the short straws?

Looking to put up marketing for Bushwood, YHC noticed that TBD was our Scheduled Q! great, who is this mystery HIM, can’t wait to find out?

Well, as we all know, that PAX doesnt exitst……Not yet at least to my Knowledge, but how great would it be for a new FNG to get totally railed by that name?

Anyhow, guess that means the lone site Q has to step up, awesome, they YHC!

After messing with the PAX asking who’s on Q, I just started a mosey and when with some gut instincts for my home site.


SSH/IW Potato pickers/calf stretch/runners stretch, maybe a few others…

I may miss some stuff with a lack of weinke.


Mosey to the half wall, 20x Dips/step ups/Derkin(irkins) 2x

Head to Turkey trot: each right mailbox, alternate 18 Merkins/18 squats on the way there, 18 LBC/forgot the other, but 18 of them too!

head back to the trail behind the school en rte to the small track while doing 1 burpee at each mailbox. We seemed to have lost a couple Pax along the way as Babyface agravated a calf, and On-Star, I mean One-Star was on point to make sure he was okay and walk him to COT just in case. The rest of the crew partnered up and did Pull ups and derkins while the partner ran the short track. On-Star showed back up with Babyface slowly Limping/walking behind.

We then headed to the staple rock pile for the regular weekly visit for two exersizes then a large lap.

  • curls 27
  • press 18
  • tris 18
  • chest 27
  • rows 18
  • maybe a few others, then repeato.

Put rocks back and head back to COT.


Well, what do you know, Chastain woke his but up an hour early to make the cross town trek to Bushwood. Lots of chatter about housing him up for a few days as he isĀ AUDITING visiting for Site Q’s Review(yeah, perfect timing) near Marvin.

Props to Babyface for continuing and modifying to just stay with the pax during rock work, and to One(ON) Star for not leaving anyone behind.

We were able to get our regular tunes in at Bushwood as it has become a fairly normal occurrence. also hit some decent mileage to my surprise.


  • Check yourself for Chastain and his “Site Q Review”
  • Looking for possible new Site Q’s around the Waxhaw region
  • (late BB, but Chastain, i didn’t see you at Dromedary today!) just sayin.
  • crane relay
  • Need Q’s for Bushwood and Last CAll
  • F3 Dads (could Lil Sweet show up for that?)
  • Chastain will be at Rea View
  • Will any site Q’s show up at Last call? you have to show up to find out…

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