National Lampoons Itchy and Scratchy show

National Lampoons Itchy and Scratchy show

When Q Big Ben mentioned lat night that he would be lathered up in Calamine lotion on a separate text, he wasn’t kidding. He rolled up….Rather early for his liking, saying he nearly fartsacked and he showed us the literal meaning of lathering up with calamine. YHC told him could have just said he was out, but he powered through.

We had 9 total pax with the 2 mashers included.


Mosey- SSH/IW/Merkin/calf, maybe a couple others.


True to his name, we circled the wagons doing an exercise at two corners. Starting with 20 each–>15 each–> 10 each per lap

  • Lap 1 Merkins/LBC
  • Lap 2 Dry Dock/Heel to heaven
  • LAp 3 Tysons/American Hammer-(this got some grunts for sure)

Head to the rock pile to grab a coupon and do a similar 20/15/10 while running to the other side of the lot and back in between (leave rock in place).

  • Curls
  • shoulder press
  •  Triceps

Place coupon back at pile, then head to the short track and grab a partner. With the time left while one partner runs, the other does an exercise…

  • Lap 1 Dips
  • Lap 2 Derkins
  • Lap 3….Oh crap, running out of time. Back to COT

about 2 mins left at COT with the mashers: LBC’s IC and then the Fiji-fastfeet-finale for a minute with each pax calling down.


Man it was sticky out again today. Poor Big Ben had Calamine dripping down his limbs. Most of the PAX kepth there distance from him like it was full Covid again! I imagine he is scratching badly today. (EDIT—-Hes at Dr getting a shot for the Poison ivy) get better big guy.


Crane relay

July 5th Convergence?


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