18 Holes around the Horn

18 Holes around the Horn

Quick write up…

Mosey to warmup with SSH/IW/MC 18 IC


there were 9 stations strategically placed around the Front nine lot. Each station had 3 exercises labeled. Partner up with a Pax, grab a batton Golf Ball from the bucket. One Pax ran a lap while hte other performed the initial frst exercise on the sheet. Need to Pass the batton Ball other pax to run their respective lap. When you both finish the first exercise, you both run tot the next station Hole. For each hole you complete you get a par. If you somehow drop the Batton, you get an extra stroke added.

After completing the first 9 holes, go to the second exercise on the list and repeat through the back 9. nearly everyone seemed to finish at least 18 holes with a few heading to the bar for the 19th..

Finish up with the Bushwood Staple Fijian Fast Feet!


While it didn’t seem like much, YHC remembers that we hit above 3 miles on what was like Short-Track racing.

The site continues to gain attention in Marvin with new and old faces showing up weekly. If you haven’t made it out, take the extra time to do so..


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