SubstiQ to the Rescue

SubstiQ to the Rescue

Got the text yesterday a round 5:45 while on the way to coach a 13U softball game. My head wasn’t exactly in the right frame in order to make sound  judgements on anything other than the game plan so I accepted the invitation and rolled on to the game thinking no further about it. (We won 10-2 in case anyone was curious).

So getting home around 10:30 last night I was thinking about what was up for the next day and suddenly realized I had agreed to Q Dromedary in the morning. Holy Schnikies!

So as I’m thinking about what painful displeasure I could dish out I came to realize that I was very sleepy and was in no shape to be thinking of anything worthy of an F3 workout so I chose to sleep off the high from the win and get up early to go to Marvin Ridge and plan pseudo-on-the-fly.  I figured “Hey! I’ve done this enough. How hard can it be to come up with 45 minutes of a$$-kicking workout?”  It turns out that I have a pretty devious side and it was not really an issue.


After a quick DiCCS, we moseyed around the back of the schools on the sidewalk and did 1 X burpee at each light pole along the back sidewalk to get the blood flowing. We stopped at the first parking lot we came to and did some SSH IC X 25 and stepped up the tempo for 25 more. 20 X IW, Plank for a few seconds and stretched a bit in homage to Prickle & Goo that we were all about to be sorry we missed.


Real short Mosey to the first light pole by the port-a-potty and Paula Abduled up to the Globe. 10 Merkins on the up and 10 Speedskaters 2=1 on the back at each light pole on the right.

Moseyed to the courtyard at the MS entrance and partnered up for Step Ups AMRAP while other partner ran around the Globe and back as the timer. We did that 3 times each.

Moseyed to the front of the school to find the alcoves and did some more partner work. (This is where the Deviant in me came shining through). Partner 1 does a “Suspended Donkey Kick” X 1 (Basically it is just holding your feet on the wall in plank position) and hold until Partner 2 runs to other Alcove and does 5 X BBSU and back, Some played hopscotch too (had to be there). Did that 3 times and lots of mumble chatter was heard during that one. You’re welcome!

5 minutes left so needed to make our way back for COT so we split into 2 lines and Indian Ran from or location to COT while taking a minor detour around the Admin parking lot.

45 seconds left when we arrived and we did LBCs and held the last one for ~20 seconds. DONE!


Check calendar for Blood Drive dates and times. Will be at Five Stones.

Mental Health Awareness:

Thank you to Premature for sharing your ongoing battle with Anxiety. He wants everyone to know that it is not something you can deal with on your own. GET HELP! Best to find someone you trust and who knows what you’re going through to help you along and deal with it appropriately. This could be a friend, family member or a medical professional or all of the above. Same could be said for anything you’re dealing with that you do not have the capacity to handle on your own. It is not in your head and something you just snap out of. Deal with it appropriately for your own good and for the good of your family.

YHC took us out C2G BABY!



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