Backblast still required at Impromptu?

Backblast still required at Impromptu?

For the second Dana (not my hospital name) Q of the week 12 Pax joined me for some Impromptu fun on this chilly spring morning. As 5:28 hit DiCCS were given and at 5:30 we left.


Started off going towards the shed to pick up Bread Bowl and a little warmup. Started off with SSH, Merkins, Calf Stretch, Mountain Climbers. From there we Moseyed up to the bus overhang for a Bear Crawl then Plank as we waited for the 6. Next we hit the lights for alternating Merkins and Squats at each light to the stop sign. I heard the benches calling to us so we headed that way for 4 laps of 20 Dips and Lunge Walks by the football field and repeat till finished.  How can we forget about the steps, Mike Tysons with a lap and Burpee at the bottom, followed by Big Boys, finishing up with Hammers as Schneider wanted to work on the belly. I think there was food spotted at the picnic tables so we headed over in that direction. We completed Dips, Donkey Kicks, and balls to the wall shoulder taps. With 4 minutes to spare we headed back to COT stopping at the lights for alternating Pistol LBC, and Toe Tap.


Everyone pushed hard and we stayed together, good work fellas.



  • Saturday Christ Closet folding party 9-1
  • Monday convergence at Asylum 5:15 for a special beatdown followed by discussion regarding mental health.
  • Memorial Day convergence more to come, multiple options ruck, murph, boot camp.

Ackbar took us out

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