We’re Going on an Adventure

We’re Going on an Adventure

Firstly need to credit PAX this morning, as we did 3.5 – 4 miles and showed up about a minute over with ZERO complaints. Actually multiple “that was a great push” were said and that’s what makes it worth the 5AM alarm!

DiCCS were given including warning that we would be going on an adventure to uncharted territory in downtown Waxhaw


Mosey to Sweet Repeats parking lot for a quick warmup and stretch.

15 SSH

Calf Stretch

Runner Stretch

15 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Continue down that road (Rehobeth) to a neighborhood on the right. The theme of this adventure might be summed up as “Google maps showed these streets but not these hills”

Start at the top, run down the hill to 2 culdesacs, start on the left one and do 20 dry docks. Run to right one, 20 V-ups. Run back up the hill, 20 squat jumps. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back across Rehobeth Rd to next neighborhood and stop at first intersection. These 2 streets made a horseshoe with 2 culdesacs on the right leg and 1 on the left. What PAX needed to know was 10 merkins at every street intersection and 10 big bois in every culdesac.

Started on the right leg which was already a good downhill and got to intersection of 2 culdesacs for merkins. At that moment realized the second culdesac was basically straight down hill which made for a fun time back.

After completing the right leg was back up to original intersection and to the left leg which had a cross street in between with a metal guard rail. After culdesac at end come back to that cross street to finish.

Well that was the worst of it (I think?)

Cross over metal guard rail and to the back streets of Waxhaw, heading toward ABI. Every intersection YHC called out an exercise for 10 reps which was about 10 or so intersections.

Get up to main street and grab some benches, 20 dips and 20 step ups, do this 3 times. At this point Ice 9 mentioned I was stalling for time (maybe) so we took the long run route back – did not realize how far it was to run back to sweet repeats and come around that way.

Made it back to COT at 6:16…ish


Great push by a lot of guys today. The new neighborhoods seemed to be a fan favorite so can’t wait to use them again and see if anyone else comes up with something good. All the packs seemed to hang together and when we made it back a little late had no complaints. Thank you guys for letting me lead.


Prayers for Mayhems friend Ken as he is having a tough time right now. Hopefully we can get him out here to F3 as sounds like he can use it.

Ice 9 to send out details for 5k for charity May 29?

Christ closet folding this saturday morning



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