Figuring Out Friday and A Challenge to Waxhaw PAX

Figuring Out Friday and A Challenge to Waxhaw PAX

17 PAX including a FNG gathered in a well-lit parking lot of Five Stones Church for the latest edition of Diesel.  Chastain, Mayhem, and Spitz helped me drag a bunch of gear up to the launch site (most of which we never used) and after staring at the pile of gear for a few minutes, I finally figured out what to do. After a proper disclaimer we were off for:

COT: SSHx10 , 5 merkins OYO, LSS x 10, 5 merkins OYO


Round 1: 11s. Grab a cinder block and line up at the curb facing the parking lot for curls and shoulder press. Perform 1 curl with the cinder block by the curb, then walk to the white line about 25 yards into the parting lot with the cinder block and perform 10 shoulder presses. Return and do 2 curls and walk across parking lot and do 9 shoulder presses and so on.  Plank waiting on the 6 and a few random Mary to end the round.

Round 2: 21s (curls): Grab coupons (bricks or dumbbells) for arm work. 7 reps half way up, 7 reps the other half up, and 7 full curls. This did not work. Bricks/dumbbells were to light for the Diesel faithful. Walk over the the rock pile near the gravel lot, find a lifting rock, and circle up. Tricep extension 15x at cadence count. Shoulder press 15x at cadence count. Curls 15x at cadence count. Then finish off with a 15x Triple Lindy (curl, press, tricep extension is 1 rep).

Round 3: Time to work on the legs. Return to launch site and using the cinder block for split leg squats 15x in cadence count each leg. Then 15 x squats (with or without cinder block or weights), and 15x Bobby Hurleys (without weights). Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Finish up with random PAX calling Mary.  Chastain (American Hammer), Chicken Little (flutter), Jingles (protractor), Penalty Box (Rosalita). Mayhem (Os), and Bratwurst (J-Lo)


Happy Birthday Mayhem, welcome to the 50 club!

This morning culminated a weeks worth of Qs. After WTF (or any race) I take a recovery week, i.e. no running. I feared the fartsack. The only way to prevent sleeping in was to step up and Q. On Monday-MASH, Tuesday-Morning Woods, Wednesday-site Q duties at Prickle and Goo, Thursday-The Floater, and today Diesel.

This was the first time in my 6 year F3 journey that I Q’d a gear workout. It was only my 2nd time attending one. The 11s with the cinder block is something I stole from Lobsta Roll/Alf who made me do something similar at The Matrix.  But they made me run across a soccer field and do different exercises with the cinder block. I commandeered the split-leg squat idea from Champagne. One Friday morning at Centurion we devoted almost the entire workout to legs using a set of benches at Charlotte Catholic. Using a rock to do arm exercises is a common as it gets in F3.

I provide this information to encourage those who are nervous about leading a workout to step up and serve. None of what I did today or this week as a Q was new or unique. I have no idea if it was effective. Some of it was probably an epic fail. But all that is asked of me is to step up and serve.

So here is the challenge: If you have not Q’d or have not Q’d in a while, step up and serve. Reach out to a site Q and offer to take a day. Don’t wait for them to ask you.

If you are not sure how to Q, ping me on Slack or GroupMe and I will talk/walk you through your weinke. That is not a new idea either, ask Outback, who took pity on a guy who was new to F3 and taught him the finer points of a parking deck Q.

Waxhaw is a great region (I have now been a part of 3 F3 Regions) and it is growing fast. That means new sites will have to be created from crowded ones or started in new places. As a result, we will need more Qs and more leaders. We cannot rely on the same guys. But that is what F3 is about. We don’t sit on the sideline and consume, we step up and serve.

When will you?

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