F3 Golf – Go Time

F3 Golf – Go Time

UPDATE:  Pairings can be found HERE.

The First Annual F3 Golf Tournament is upon us.  Details and logistics are below.


First, we wouldn’t be able to do this without the generosity of our sponsors.  Make sure to thank (and patronize) the Pax who gave generously to make the tournament possible.


PRIME SPONSORS – These guys keep you hydrated and your belly full.

  • LUNCH – Jim “Skywalker” Fagan  / Cottingham Chalk Hayes Realtors
  • DRINKS – Robbie “Kickin’ Chicken” Bowers  /  Arcadia Homes
  • SNACKS – Basil “Spandex” Lyberg  /  24 Hours of Booty
  • BEER – Nick “Pate” Foy  /  Cavu Wealth


EXPO SPONSORS – Stop by and see them on the course.

  • New Path Properties – Jeff “Salt Lick” Johnson
  • East Charlotte Nissan – Spencer “Booty” Lueders
  • Time Warner Business Class – via Andrew “Gump” Birch
  • Let Me Run – Todd “Halfpipe” Wilson



  • Barton Contraction Corporation / Barton “Hoffa” Ward
  • Billingsville Elementary Afterschool Tutoring
  • Young Life Fall Mud Run
  • John “Greyhound” Spikes (3x Respect A51 Pax)
  • Area 51 – Death Valley Pax
  • Area 51 – Hydra Pax
  • Alex “Calloway” Browning / American Security Mortgage
  • Area 51 – Rebel Yell / Spackler’s Delight, Inc.
  • Area 51 – Skunk Works Pax
  • Big Sky Associates / John “Belk” Dillard
  • teamSPEARHEAD & GRC Class 943
  • Jim “Skywalker” Fagan / Cottingham Chalk Hayes Realtors
  • John “Abacus” Chepul / John Chepul CPA, PLLC
  • Area 51 – Area 51 (the workout) Pax
  • Bulldogs Matter After School Tutoring at AG Middle
  • Wells Fargo / via Mike “Kit Kat” Henry
  • Area 51 and The Fort – 2014 Spring Mud Run Pax
  • Whichwich? Superior Sandwiches / 930 Park Center Dr., Matthews



  • Billingsville Afterschool Tutors
  • Bulldogs Matter Afterschool Tutors
  • Wells Fargo (via Mike “Kit Kat” Henry)
  • Skunk Works Pax



  • East Charlotte Nissan – Spencer “Booty” Lueders
  • Justin “Spackler” Gough
  • Mud Gear – Alex “Malkovich” Thrasher
  • Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation
  • Rob “Judge Smails” Harner
  • Scott “Iron Horse” Griffin
  • Barton Contraction – Bart “Hoffa” Ward
  • Taylor Made – Dan and Stacy Reinhardt



  • AP for help with scraping reports from Pay Pal.
  • OBT for #checkstroker
  • Haywood and Waco for coordination on the F3F side
  • Bananas and Cottonmouth for weasel shaking the 51 Golf Team
  • Bulldog for wrangling the games


WHERE:  Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation. 7500 Olde Sycamore Dr. Mint Hill, NC 28227.  704-573-1000

WHEN:  Thursday, May 29, 2014.

  • Check-In begins at 11:00 am. Lunch Provided.
  • Shotgun Start at 1:00 pm.
  • 19th Hole at 5:30-ish – Until.  Come heckle the players as they come in and stick around for THU HH.

FORMAT:  Captain’s choice; low gross and low net.  Details provided on site.

GAMES PACKAGE:  $20 for Mulligan package includes (2) mulligans per pax, one red tee, and one grenade. Details provided on site.  BRING CASH, CHECK or CREDIT CARD.


  • Longest Drive:  Hole 12  (also shortest drive hole…)
  • Closest to the Pin:  Hole 4
  • Beat the Pro:  Judge Smails takes all comers on Hole 17.  $5 min – $50 max bet.  If he sticks it closer than you, you’ll get nothing.  And like it.
  • Half and Half Putting Contest:  All pax putt on the practice green at the turn.  $5 entry.  Winner gets half the pot, approx $300.  Other half goes to F3F.  Details to be provided on site.


  • Haywood (@Haywood_F3) and Belk (@johndillard) will be Official Event Historians.  Follow them on twitter, use the #F3Golf hashtag.
  • To their credit, Olde Sycamore has a #Cantorre mindset as well.  Except for lightning, we’re playing rain or shine.  So bring your giant umbrellas and muck-a-lucks if you need them.
  • T-Claps to Olde Sycamore in making organization a snap.  If you see Summer tomorrow, give her a shout out.

It’s shaping up to be a big day for F3 Foundation.  Thanks to all the Pax who have contributed, donated, and are playing to make it happen.

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Cake Boss
10 years ago

Cooking up sneek attack on this event to capture the “One of a Kind” Trophy!!
Need to do a Burpee at each tee box!! AYE!!

Reply to  Cake Boss
10 years ago

you should do the number of burpees as the number of the hole – now that would be impressive

also, there is a prize for the closest to Rodney Dangerfield’s Caddyshack unit (or there should be) #notAugusta

10 years ago

HUGE Tclaps for all the A51 crew putting this thing together and whoever else got tricked into assisting with this. Don’t lose too much sleep tonight @Smails…your chances are slim to none against team #elcamino. There will be #jamz and #fireball when we hit #17. Bring your life savings.

And 1 request TRag…Can we get Clem to present the trophy to our squad? Been dying to get a #clemstagram holding both #bustedpaw and #bustedclub.

Early Bloomer
Early Bloomer
Reply to  Cindy
10 years ago

Funny, I didn’t know you old guys knew how to use social media outside of working out. Good to know my sphere of influence is expanding.

As for handing out trophies, it’ll be a selfie.

10 years ago

Taking the day off tomorrow. Should have just taken Friday as well. #swingoil

10 years ago

Just updated post with pairings.

If you didn’t submit your foursome, threesome, pair or #SadClown self, we’ll get you set up at check in.

10 years ago

Can F3Golf post the results from the tournament?