Shhhh!!! Kids Are Sleeping!

Shhhh!!! Kids Are Sleeping!

Gear is back at Chiseled!  What better way to celebrate than doing a mini CSAUP with gear.  The plan was in my head for quite some time, but I was waiting for the ability to share gear again before busting it out.  Who knew I’d have to wait almost a year.  Like with most of my planning, there was room for improvement.  Arrived early to start setting up.  At around 5:05 I saw the beautiful site of headlights entering the parking lot.  Sweet, another sucker pax that can help me get gear set up (Thank you Chastain).   DiCCS given with extra emphasis on cars coming in and form on the tire flips (I guess we will have to add noise level at Chiseled from now on???).



YoYo run around the sign and back to pick up the six.  Apparently several guys including our Nantan don’t follow directions well.  Got the guys grouped back up near the entrance for walking toy soldiers.  Sprint up one light and jog back for the 6.  Skips with a knee grab at the top for an extra stretch.   Mosey to near the rock pile.  Gave instructions that we would draft teams after the run around Mt. Chiseled and back to COT.  Line up upon arrival to COT and I will draft.   I start counting off and some (Schneider) didn’t quite get the counting.  1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2….   Its called a snake draft for those that have never played fantasy football.  Several sandbag runners may have made the teams a little uneven, but its what we had so lets go with it.



Both teams had equal amounts of gear and equal pax on the team.  They were to start moving that gear from one side of the parking to to the other side (long ways).  If you didn’t have gear (two pax), you were a runner to the curb and back.  The catch was that you couldn’t pass the hair burner (fail # 1).   Gear was:

  • Tire Flip (Fail #2)
  • Hair Burner
  • Curls with 27lb bar
  • Hammer Curl with 25 lb dumbbell
  • Tricep extension with 30 lb dumbbell
  • Front and lateral raises with 10 lb dumbbells
  • 20 lb slam ball
  • Farmer carry with two cinder blocks

So right off the bat team 1 had an advantage in that the parking lot curves and they were on the inside.  I knew that so the plan was to switch sides at the other end.  But team 1 (who must have been made up of the same guys that didn’t listen in warm ups) decided to go down and back.  I attempted to correct them 3 times before they finally understood.  Once we met at the curb (with Schneider claiming victory even though team 1 had already hit the curb) we switched sides.

Being on the inside lane proved to be a huge advantage as team 2 was in the lead until…….CAR!!!   (Kinda early for Bible study to arrive but ok…)   the car stops near Shop Dawg (huh, I guess they know each other from church?).  All of a sudden Shop sprints over to me as I’m flipping the tire “Stop flipping the tire!  We woke this guy up and his kids and he’s pissed!”.   Really?  Tire flips in the middle of a wooded campus woke this guy up?  I mean, I guess its true, who gets out of bed on the own and drives over unless they really aren’t happy.  Audibled to roll the tires back in while everyone else finished the CSAUP.   Team 2 by a mile here.

Needed to regroup after the no tire change up and the fact that the down and back went way quicker than I expected.  Lap around Mt. Chiseled and back to the gear.

Team back up for the gear relay again, except this time no tire flips and we are only going half way due to bible study traffic likely picking up.  Bottle Cap questions if the hair burners might be too loud.  Power Rangers Reaction GIF Lets keep it.

I honestly can’t remember which team won here, but if you really want to know, ask Chastain and Schneider together at the same time.

That round was way too quick and didn’t feel very CSAUPish.  What can I do to make it harder. blake shelton shrug GIF by The Voice.   Oh I know….1000 merkins split per team…..Picture of my idea coming to shape and the pax’s reaction….I Got It Party GIF by Red Fang


Finished with 2 minutes left…mosey to COT.  Tried to sneak in a jack webb of Turkish get ups and dips but only got to 3 and 12 before time was called.



  • So many lessons learned on this one.
    • Tires are loud when flipped and they land perfectly flat.  Chiseled site Q’s to regroup and test methods of how to tire flip without being so loud.  Options include spinning the tire on the flip, flipping it in grass, and getting the neighbor’s kids headphones.
  • Chastain ruined the CSAUP by hairburning so fast.  His opening hairburner was about 80 yards in 1 minute.  I was counting on tire flipping and hair burners to be the slowest….boy was I wrong.
  • Ask Mad Dog to demonstrate a hairburner for you next time.  His demonstration took up about 50 yards.  He was severely gassed after it.  I was ready to pounce on top of him and start singing staying alive but he gave me a look like “I’m alright” since he couldn’t talk through his heavy breathing.
  • Shriver developed a secret weapon for us and started tossing the weighted ball.  It quickly became the ball toss on our team.   Not sure team 1 figured that out.
  • Popeye is a monster at tire flipping and weighted ball throwing.  Hairburning…not so much.
  • Rudy pushed through a bad back to flip some tires (to my repeated concern and attempted take over from him).
  • Good to see Spitz back out regularly.  I needed another Carolina guy to get on as I think Paper Jam and Gerber were tired of catching the full brunt of my Carolina hate.
  • Did another double take on Draper and Schneider’s resemblance.
  • It was good to see Drive By at a morning workout for once.   We got on a regular rotation when my daughter got interested in the afternoon workouts but with softball and tee ball season in full swing, I hadn’t been to an afternoon workout in awhile.
  • The rest of the guys were on the other team so I didn’t getting any good nuggets on them.



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