Swing and Misssssssssss…Not

Swing and Misssssssssss…Not

Brothers:  14…Penalty Box, Popeye, Chicken Little, O69, Swimmers, Bunyan, Lambeau, Elmers, Centerfold, Ball & Chain, Landfill, Chastain, Spitz, and Mayhem

This morning was spring training for F3’s first baseball tryouts.  Did not find any diamonds (ie Babe Ruth, Bull Durham) in the rough, but plenty of “Smalls” stepped up to the plate.

14 F3 brothers sported their favorite gloves, baseball hats, and team logos for a fun workout this morning.  Yes, Fitness (F1) is important to all of us.  Fellowship (F2) in our communities (ie CPR training, blood drives, Christ Closet giveaways) are equally important.  Don’t forget the 3rd F (Faith).  Q Source meetings on Mondays and Fridays, bible study on Zoom calls and in person on Saturdays and Sundays, and discipleship study (with pizza and beer) on Monday nights.  My point…be a positive change agent (aka Him) in your homes and communities.  Friends, family members, and strangers need you.  Will you engage?

Exercises (if the Lexicon is incorrect, asking for grace).


Wiffle bat stretches

Side straddle hops

Dead stop pushups

Side planks (3 x 20 seconds)

Rotator Y’s and W’s

Lateral hurdle hops over bricks

Bulgarian squats

Single arm dumbbell rows

Rotational bat (instead of bonze ball and cable on Smith machine) rows

Low slow squats with bat behind head

Double coupon (instead of trap bar) deadlifts while partner completes side straddle hops

Ended with 5 minutes of stretching and breathing led by Bunyan.  Need more of this brothers.  A lot of banged up people out there.

I’m sure I forgot something.  Oh well…

Thanks to Chastain for “voluntelling” me to Q.

Later brothers.  Thanks for who you were, are, and will be moving forward.

Mayhem out.

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